Bronto Burt

Bronto Burt

Crash EnemiesEdit

They usually come in groups of 3 to 5, and attack in flocks, usually in a formation such as a zigzag, "V", or a vertical line. Some Bronto Burts will chase after Kirby trying to run into him, and some just take off and fly away very fast when Kirby gets near, out of fear. Just like Waddle Dee is the most common enemy on the ground, Bronto Burt is the most common enemy in the air. However, using the Copy ability (from Kirby Super Star Ultra) on a Bronto Burt results in Kirby obtaining the Crash ability.

Alternate ColorEdit

Bronto Burt are said to be purple spherical insects with fly-like wings and light blue shoes in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

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