Danny is the central protagonist in Danny Phantom. He fights ghosts that invade the human world. He is often given detention because of his parents messing around with Lancer. Also he an his noble sister Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton get embarrassed when their parents get obsessive with ghosts! As the series began, Danny was getting the hang of using his ghost powers. He had his girlfriend Sam Manson and best friend Tucker Foley keep his secret of being a ghost since they witnessed his transformation from in the hole where the Fenton Portal opens. Jazz felt that Danny was tearing down his own life until she found out that he was a ghost. Fortunately, she kept her discovery to herself after she saved him from Spectra and Danny doesn't know for sure if she knows about his life as a ghost.

Danny as a Ghost

Later, after the evil ghost sheriff Walker frames Danny as a wanted ghost in Amity Park. Danny winds up being pursued by ghost hunters until he defeated Piriah Dark and restored his home town back to the human world where it belongs.

After that, he was planning to cheat on his test until he made contact with his evil 24 year old self who traps him in the future with an attempt to kill his family in the same way he suffered. But with help from Vlad Masters, Danny was able to return to the present and defeated his evil 24 year old self with the Fenton Fermis leaving it up to Clockwork to prevent his friends and family from dying in the explosion and reseting the time back to where the test was taken place so that Danny was able to give the folder with the answers back to Lancer, who was then kind enough to give him another chance to retake the test next week. After that he and Jazz talked about how long she knew his secret. After telling him it was during their first encounter with Spectra, Danny now trusts her with his secret.

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