Homer is the protagonist of the Simpsons. He works in Burn's Nuclear Power Plany and has a wife marg ,and has three childrens, and goes to the bar when he feels bored and rather cares about food rather then his family ,and alwase sneaks in away from marge when trying to eat fatty foods, when a baby he he was dumb , sneaky,and liyer , he even lied to his father that his own mother made a mess on the floor.       His grampa is really grumpy everthing he sees he complains about it and homer seems like he wants to kill him , and on cristmas he gave grandpa a airbreather , but later grandpa started to faint , and it seemed like he knew it woould had happned.Homer's favrite thing is eating he rather eats anything he sees, his wife alwase tells him to rather eat healthy, but he cheats on his foods , he teaches bart lisa to disobey there mother.If you want see more go on my website animated