Jazz is Danny's older but more supporting sister. She believes that her parents are obsessed with ghosts and when she finds out Danny's secret, she was wise enough to let Danny find the right time to tell him. She acted like she doesn't know a thing until she and Danny made contact with the evil 24 year old Danny who attempted to kill her along with her parents and friends but thanks to Danny and Clockwork, she survives. After Clockwork turned back time to the poing where Danny was taking the test, he made the right choice by telling Lancer the truth. Lancer kindly gives him a chance to retake the test. After that he and Jazz talked about his secret and after Jazz told him that she found out during the Spectra event, Danny kindly shares his secret with her in person. Later, after the two of them played a silly prank on Vlad, she left the suit to self destruct on him. After escaping in the RV, she tells Danny that she is better off helping him on the outside then with him and his friends and Danny honestly apoligizes for being ticked off. She later helps him, Sam and Tuck take down the evil nightmare ghost Nocturne and sat on the docks with them, happy that she wouldn't mind sleeping again. She is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.