Jungle Bomb

Jungle Bomb

Crash EnemiesEdit

Jungle Bomb is a somewhat rare pineapple-like enemy, and certainly one of the stranger foes Kirby has come across. Upon setting his sights on Kirby, he happily hops about in place and splits himself open and throws a bomb at Kirby. He may also set a bomb near Kirby, and then quickly retreats to safety and leaves Kirby open for an attack. Occasionally he may also fling out a barrage of bombs at Kirby if he's close enough. However, using the Copy ability (from Kirby Super Star Ultra) on a Jungle Bomb results in Kirby obtaining the Crash ability.

Alternate ColorEdit

Jungle Bomb's helmet is dark purple, turquoise pineapple, black shoes, and his leaves are a light purple in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

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