Konan was Nagato's partner in the criminal organization Akatsuki. After his death, she took over for him as leader of Amegakure, which she remained until she was killed by Obito Uchiha. Along with Nagato and their deceased friend Yahiko, Konan was one of the very first students of the legendary Sannin Jiraiya.

Background Edit

Konan was born prior to the Second Shinobi World War and during it, her parents were killed. She later encountered another orphan named Yahiko, and the two began to work together to survive. One day, while walking, Konan encountered a young boy named Nagato, and his dog Chibi, both dying from starvation. Konan gave him a loaf of bread and took them back to her and Yahiko's hideout, where the trio formed a close friendship as they stole supplies to survive. One day, during a battle between Hanzo, leader of Amegakure, and three Konohagakure shinobi, Chibi was killed. After they mourned his loss, at Yahiko's decision, the trio set out to find the the shinobi they had seen fighting Hanzo, then known as the three legendary Sannin of Konoha. After they finally found them, Jiraiya, one of the three, gave them crackers for food. Konan offered a gift to the Sannin as they left, and as Orochimaru questioned whether he should kill them to keep them from suffering, Jiraiya decided to stay with them until they could fend for themselves. One day, a Chunnin of Iwagakure attacked Yahiko, and Nagato killed him with his Rinnegan. After this, Jiraiya decided to train Konan and her friends to be shinobi. After three years, Jiraiya, impressed when they managed to defeat a shadow clone of him easily, left them to pursue their goals, telling Konan she would grow into a beautiful kunoichi and to come and see him when she turned eighteen. Konan and her friends were brought to tears when Jiraiya decided to leave.

Throughtout the years, word of their exploits would reach Jiraiya, but he believed they were killed. In truth, Konan and Nagato followed Yahiko into the mercenary group he founded known as Akatsuki, wherein they would find member who shared their views about world peace. The group even gained recognition from Hanzo himself, who swore to remember them and they eventually formed an alliance with him and Amegakure. One day, Obito Uchiha, posing as his dead teacher Madara Uchiha, and his partner Zetsu, confronted Konan and her partners, at which tie Konan remained silent as Obito talked with Nagato and Yahiko and left with them when Yahiko felt unsure of the duo. Bad luck was destined to arise, however, as Hanzo came to view Akatsuki as a threat to hs power and regime, and schemed with Danzo Shimura to eliminate the three main members. Tricking them into a trap with offered of peace talks, Konan was taken captive by Hanzo, who told Nagato to kill Yahiko in exchange for her life. Though Konan told them to leave without her, Yahiko stabbed himself to death on Nagato's kunai. Nagato then became enraged and, after saving Konan, summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, the empty vessel of the Ten-tails, the original tailed beast, which he used to wipe out all of Hanzo and Danzo's men, though they both escaped, with Hanzo crippling Nagato's legs. After this, Konan would accompany nagato wherever he went and was his partner after he took over the akatsuki in Yahiko's stead. After Nagato killed Hanzo and all those connected to him and became a recognized god to the people of Amegakure, Konan would act as his field operative for the people of the village, who came to call her "God's Angel" because of her paper wings.

Naruto Edit

Just like her partner Nagato, Konan made no physical appearence in the series quickly, appearing a hologram in the sealing of both the One-tail, Shukaku, the Two-Tails, Matatabi, the Three-Tails, Isubu, and the Four-Tails, Son Goku. After her and Nagato's former teacher, Jiraiya, infiltrated their village, Amegakure, Konan found and reported him to Pain(Nagato's named within Akatsuki) and left to fight him at his order. However, Konan proved not to be a match for her former master, and was easily defeated and caught. Nagato's Animal path, however, arrived and freed her, and she later regrouped with him after he had killed Jiraiya. Later, during a meeting with Obito Uchiha(the leader of Akatsuki, who Nagato reported to), Konan assured him that Nagato had never lost a battle and was invincible after Obito assigned him to capture Naruto Uzumaki, the Nine-Tails, Kurama's jinchuriki. In the anime, the Six-Tails had not yet been captured and after Pain caught him, Konan helped him to be sealed. She accompanied Nagato and his Six Paths of Pain technique to Konohagakure, where she caught and interrogated several shinobi, who she killed when they would not or could not tell of Naruto whereabouts. Some of shinobi were saved from her grasp. Later, after Nagato learned of Naruto's location and decided to level the village with his Shinra Tensei through the Deva Path, Konan tried to persuade him not to use the technique, but to no avail. After the village was destroyed and the other five Paths recovered from Nagato using the Shinra Tensei, which caused them to be shut down, Konan dissolved her paper clone. After Naruto arrived back and began to battle the Six Paths of Pain, destroying most of them, Konan was concerned when he decided to use his Chibaku Tensei and aksed if it was necessary to make it so huge when she saw its size.

After Naruto defeated the Deva Path, Nagato informed Konan that Naruto had defeated the Six Paths of Pain. When Naruto arrived, Konan suggested that she and Nagato work together to defeat him, believing him weakened, but Nagato wanted to tell naruto their story. Konan was later shocked when Naruto managed to change Nagato, who revived all he killed in Konohagakure. Afterwards, Konan took Nagato and the Deva Path(Yahiko's body in the Six Paths of Pain) and, announcing that she was leaving Akatsuki to Naruto and giving him friendship token, Konan returned to Amegakure and took over as leader in Nagato's stead. Eventually, Obito appeared and Konan confronted him. He asked her where to find Nagato's body, so that he could take his Rinnegan, but she refused to tell him and engaged him in battle, managing to blow off Obito's arm and part of his mask. She then opened the lake they were fighting on and revealed 600 billion explosive tags capable of exploding for a period of 10 minutes, twice as long as Obito could remain intangible. After the technique was done, Konan believed she'd won until Obito stabbed her through the chest from behind. Questioning what he was after he told her of his Izanagi technique, which he used to survive her wrath, Konan broke free, but before the battle could go any farther, they were both shocked when the endless rain over Amegakure stopped. Taking this as a sign of Naruto's being the bridge to peace for the world, Konan determined to become his supporting pillar, but was grabbed by the throat by Obito, dispelling her preparing technique and putting her under a genjutsu to force her to reveal where Nagato's body was, adding she would die after it was done. Afterwards, Konan's dead body was left floating in the water.

Personality Edit

As a child, Konan was very soft and kind, more so than either of her partners, as Yahiko was tough-spirited and Nagato was sensitive. She had romantic feelings for Yahiko, who she always wanted to be as close to as possible to. As an adult, she was very loyal to her friends and was willing to die for them. After Yahiko's death, Konan, just like Nagato, lost all faith in the teaching of their sensei, Jiraiya, and Konan became fiercely loyal to Nagato and had the upmost faith his power. After he was reformed by Naruto, Konan became determined to become his supporting pillar, believing Naruto to be the bridge to peace. To this end, she even tried to kill Obito Uchiha, the leader of Akatsuki, believing him to be eternal darkness to the world, which led to her demise at his hands.

Abilities Edit

As a member of Akatsuki and a student of Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin, Konan was very powerful S-rank kunoichi, who skills were held in high regard by her partner, Nagato. She was able to stand her ground against Jiraiya during their reunion in Amegakure and nearly defeated Obito Uchiha, the leader of Akatsuki, during their match, having been severely underestimated by him, allowing her to blow off his arm and part of his mask, and nearly kill him. Konan was also able to easily kill several Konohagakure Jonin single-handedly.

Konan's main source of power was her origami, in which she could manipulate paper into different shapes and symbols and use them for weapons. Her signature technique, the "Dance of the Shikigami" allowed her to transform herself into sheets of paper and take the shape of an angel with wings if she desired. Her paper was very powerful, capable of withstanding Fire Release attacks from Jiraiya and took a direct hit from him without being burned. She could also withstand the rain of Amegakure without withering away in paper formThe weakness of Konan's paper was that it could be stuck together by oil, which allowed Jiraiya to defeat and subdue her. However, this oil could be easily washed away by foam, which was provided by Nagato's Animal Path, allowing Konan to be freed. Konan also had a keen intellect, able to accurately determine the limitations of Obito Uchiha's Space-Time Migration technique and devise a near perfect way to kill him, which only failed due to the latter's Izanagi technique.

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