Madara Uchiha is a legendary ninja who led the Uchiha clan prior to and after forming Konohagakure with his rival, Hashirama Senju.


Born into the Uchiha clan before the era of the shinobi villages in a time of permanent war, Madara grew up as a highly competitive boy and the brother of four other Uchiha. After three of his brothers had been killed by the Senju clan, Madara met Hashirama Senju at a riverside while trying to skip a stone to the other side, and the two formed a rivalry, giving each other their first names. After an enemy shinobi's body drifted to the surface, Madara learned that Hashirama was a shinobi after seeing him run across the water, before returning home. Some time later, Madara met a depressed Hashirama at the riverside again and comforted him, saying that he had lost four brothers when Hashirama
Madara and Hashirama as children

Madara and Hashirama's first meeting.

said one of his younger brothers had died. Stating his mutual belief that the only way to improve the shape of the world at that point was to form an alliance with one's enemies, Madara managed to skip a stone to the other side of the river. Madara and Hashirama then began to meet on a regular basis, training together and discussing the concept of building a village one day where children could enjoy life and not have to fight as shinobi. While Hashirama had the aspect of improving the shinobi world in mind, Madara's only reason to want to build the village was so that he could watch over his last remaining and beloved brother, Izuna. Their meetings, however, were not bound to last as their fathers, Tajima Uchiha and Butsuma Senju, found out about them and attempted to set a trap. Madara and Hashirama warned each other about this and their fathers and brothers confronted one another. Madara and Hashirama interviened and prevented their brothers from being killed and Madara, choosing kin, ended his friendship with Hashirama, introducing himself as he awoke his Sharingan.
Madara first awakens his Sharingan

Madara first awakens his Sharingan.

Along with Hashirama, Madara also trained regularly with his younger brother, Izuna, and the two formed a close and loving bond. Together, the two awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan, which the brothers used to take control over the Uchiha clan, with Madara becoming its leader. Paralleling this, Hashirama Senju became the leader of his clan. Throughout the years after the day of the trap, from childhood to adulthood, Madara and Hashirama would battle on a daily basis, in usually even fights. However, one day, after many battles, Madara and Izuna confronted Hashirama and his brother, Tobirama Senju, each with some of their own clansmen. Madara and Hashirama again were evenly matched, but during their fight, Tobirama fatally wounded Izuna. Madara rushed to his side, and Hashirama attempted to offer a truce to Madara to end the constant battle between their clans, which Madara, at Izuna's suggestion, refused to accept and fled with his dying brother. Afterwards, the remaining Uchiha present joined forces with the Senju and the rest of the Uchiha clan lost faith in Madara. Izuna died from his wound, but left to Madara his eyes, which he made Madara promise to use to protect the Uchiha clan. Madara transplanted the eyes, awakening the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Later, Madara confronted Hashirama and the rest of the Senju clan, where he declared that there would never be peace between them as he activated his Susanoo for battle. After a long battle that lasted a full day and night, Madara was finally defeated for the first time. Hashirama stopped his brother from killing him and Madara told Hashirama that he couldn't trust him because of his loss of Izuna and that to earn back his trust, he would have to either kill his brother or himself to wipe the slate clean between them.

Madara and Hashirama form an alliance

Madara and Hashirama found Konohagakure.

When Hashirama resolved to kill himself and told Tobirama not to kill Madara after he was gone, the Uchiha leader grabbed his hand, making note of courage and resolve, and accepted the truce. The Uchiha, the Senju, and all the clans they had conquered made a pact with the Land of Fire, who needed help controlling their territory, leading Madara and Hashirama to build the village they talked about as children, in the very place they wanted to build it. After the construction was complete, Madara and Hashirama, having begun to rekindle their friendship, stood on the cliff overlooking the village, where Hashirama expressed his wish to make Madara the First Hokage, who was mean't to be the leader and protector of the village, declaring his intent to carve Madara's face into the cliff to sybolize this role. When Hashirama brought the subject of naming the village, Madara picked up a leaf with a hole through it and, peering through it down at the village, named it Konohagakure. After Tobirama arrived and Hashirama left with him, Madara followed them and eavesdropped on their conversation, in which Tobirama discriminated against Madara and stated that no one would allow Madara to be made Hokage, as even the Uchiha believed that Hashirama was the true founder of the village and that Madara didn't help. Shaken by the lack of trust, Madara began to doubt the worth of the village and, after Hashirama democractically became Hokage, Madara stated that Tobirama would likely succeed him instead of him when the latter expressed wish that Madara be Second Hokage, and that he would leave the village to pursue his real goal, which had no attachment to Konohagakure and that Hashirama couldn't take part in, once again becoming a hate-filled and vengeful man. Madara, however, changed his mind and for a time began to contest Hashirama for the title of Hokage, during which he attempted to force Iwagakure, another shinobi village, into serving Konohagakure after an alliance was formed between the two villages, defeating Mu and Onoki, two Kage in its history, when they engaged him in battle as he did.After realizing that he would not be able to replace Hashirama as Hokage, Madara, already long abandoned by his clan, left Konohagakure and began to attack the village in revenge.

After many assaults, Madara sought out Kurama, the strongest Tailed Beast, and subdued him to use as a weapon. Madara later confronted Hashirama, who had come to try and end his reign of terror. Their battle began
Madara confronts Kurama

Madara confronts Kurama.

with the two of them stalemating in physical combat, forcing both to switch to ninjutsu. Madara summoned Kurama and Hashirama used his Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique to bind the beast. However, Madara fired a Tailed Beast Ball at him, which Hashirama caught with his Wood Release: Wood Human Technique. The ball then exploded, producing an enormous blast that forced Hashirama to shield himself with Wood Release. Madara used the opportunity to utilize his perfect Susanoo, which he shaped into a suit of armor that he clad Kurama with. Madara attempted to slash Hashirama with his Susanoo Sword, but the latter caught the blade with a pair of giant wooden hands and Madara used the other to bisect the hands, along with several other pairs created by
Madara vs. Hashirama Final Valley

Madara and Hashirama clashing.

Hashirama, as well as six mountains with just a single swinging swoop. As Hashirama tried to draw him to the shoreline, Madara produced another Tailed beast Ball and stabbed his Susanoo Sword through it, before boomaranging it at his rival, who managed to alter its course with his Tripple Rashoman summoning, sending it all the way to the opposite shore at the beach. Madara then told Hashirama that he was not the same as the last time they fought and rebuked when he mentioned the words "our brothers" in a lecture. Hashirama then entered Sage Mode and created his Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands technique and battled Madara in close, colossal combat. Madara used several Tailed Beast Balls combined with his Susanoo's sword blades to counter Hashirama attack, managing to destroy most of the statue's arms, only missing the forearms. However, Hashirama managed to beat off the Susanoo armor on Kurama at the same time and Madara was forced to retreat from the beast's head to avoid one of the forearms, which then knocked Kurama unconscious. Madara then engaged Hashirama directly and the two battle in even, fierce combat well into the night, resulting in both being severely battered and exhausted, with Madara having been forced to deactivate his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and
Madara defeated by Hashirama

Madara defeated by Hashirama.

Hashirama being forced out of Sage Mode. As the two made a final dash at each other, Madara seemingly defeated Hashirama and, after rebuking his pleas for a final time, was suddenly impaled through the chest from behind by the latter, who had switched with a wood clone before the dash. After Hashirama stated that he would not hesitate to strike down a threat to his village, no matter who it was, Madara acknowledged he had changed and declared that the village would one day be swallowed by darkness as he seemingly fell dead.

Valley of the End

The valley created during Madara and Hashirama's last battle, adorned with their statues.

After the battle, which had left the landscape extremely scared, with a giant chasm, and a huge river and waterfall forming a whole new valley, Mito Uzumaki, Hashirama wife, took and sealed Kurama into herself. The valley created in Madara and Hashirama's final battle became known as the Valley of the End and two statues of them were built facing each other in battle poses at the sides of the waterfall, symbolizing their undying rivalry. Despite the common belief of his demise, Madara was able to survive and gained a portion of Hashirama's DNA, allowing him access to his Wood Release. From transplanting the DNA into his wounds, decades later Madara awakened the Rinnegan and transplated his eyes into Nagato, a child of Mito's clan, without the boy knowing. During the Third Shinobi World War, Madara saved Obito Uchiha, who
Madara and Obito first meet

Madara and Obito first meeting.

he saved from death, and eventually revealed his plan to bring humanity together in happiness and peace with a genjutsu, the Eye of the Moon Plan. At this point, Madara had been reduced to using the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, the empty shell of the Ten-Tails, the original tailed beast, as a life support system, being constantly supplied chakra from it to stay alive. After training Obito in the use of different types of forbidden techniques, along with other things, such as Wood Release, Madara severed the tendrils on his back connecting him to the statue and, with his dying breath, told Obito to fufill his will and revive him when the time was right to fulfil his plans.


Madara revived by Kabuto

Madara revived by Kabuto

Madara Uchiha was resurrected by Kabuto Yakushi as blackmail for Tobi, Akatsuki's leader, whom Kabuto wanted to assist in the Fourth Shinobi World War in exchange for giving him Sasuke. In the war, after having lost many other revived ninja, Kabuto has Mu, the Second Tsuchikage, summon Madara to the battlefield(Mu knew Madara from the past and was shocked to see him). After forcibly freeing himself from his coffin, Madara voices his belief that Nagato, a Rinnegan bearer that Madara knew before he died, had revived him, but Mu tells Madara that he had been revived by the Impure World Reincarnation. Shocked to hear this, Madara and Mu confront the Fourth Division, where Madara guesses that the Allied Shinobi Forces had been formed, and Mu confirms it.Voicing a belief that Tobi had revived him into the state he was in, Madara laments that their plan wasn't being followed well, but when he asks Mu who the user of Impure World Reincarnation was, Kabuto takes control of Mu and he and Madara begin to converse about the special conditions Madara was revived in and Kabuto requests Madara to show him his legendary power. Dodging
Madara and Mu confront the Fourth Division

Madara arrives on the battlefield.

an attack from Gaara, Madara then uses his Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation technique, which is countered by serveral Water Release: Water Encampment Walls. Madara then easily acquires a sword and preceeds to tear through the divisions ranks, repelling a large shinobi into several others when Gaara catches his sword. Madara activates his Susanoo in an incomplete stage to counter a combo attack from Naruto and Onoki and begins devastating the shinobi close to him. When Gaara uses sand lightened by Onoki to pull Madara from his Susanoo and in front of Naruto's Rasenshuriken, Madara activates his Rinnegan and absorbs the chakra in the attack.

Madara battling the five Kage

Madara testing the five Kage's defenses.

Madara then jumps to the top of the cliff where Mu is and, after more conversation with Kabuto, summons a meteorite, telling Kabuto not to think the improvements to Madara's powers were his, as they were Madara's creation. As Onoki flies up and attempts to lighten the meteorite, Madara recognizes him and, when he and Gaara manage to stop the meteorite, he commends them before bringing down a second meteorite on the first, devastating most of the Fourth Division and nearly killing Onoki. After reforming, Madara comments on his enjoyment of the battlefield's look before finding out how Kabuto knew so much about him. Jumping down closer to the survivors of his attack, Madara belittles Onoki and proclaims that mankind would be better served sleeping peacefully in the Infinite Tsukuyomi as they can't change from the way they were in the past. He also commends Naruto, whom he had discovered to be the jinchuriki of his pet, Kurama, when the latter counters his Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees. As he charges at the fearful survivors with Mu, they are repelled by Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, and A, the Fourth Raikage, who had just being transported to the battlefield. To his shock, Madara is confronted by all five of the current Kage when Mei, the Fifth Mizukage, is teleported to the battlefield.As he begins to battle the five Kage, considering them to be the only adequate challenge, Madara jumps over Mei's Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique and blocks a punch from A that sends him flying downward. Activating his Susanoo's rib cage, Madara is plunged into the lava more and covered with another torrent. Emerging unharmed, Madara then proceeds to commend A and Mei's impressive combat abilities and test the Kage's defensive capabilities with his Yasaka Magatama technique, which was blocked by Onoki and Gaara. Smashing through their double-layered wall, Madara's vision is clouded by Mei's Hiding in Mist technique and he is repelled by A and
Madara follows up with Fire Release

Madara battling the five Kage.

Onoki's combined efforts. As the battle rages on, Madara destroys Onoki's looming stone gollem and preceeds to use his Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees to distract the Kage while he knocks them into the forest from behind and attempts to kill them after they pass out from the pollen there using his Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction technique. However, Onoki destroys his forest flowers and exposes a face formed on Madara's chest from the DNA of Hashirama Senju.

After hearing a statement from Tsunade, Madara asks her if she was Hashirama's descendant, saying he would kill her first if she was and corrects Mei when the latter says that was a basic tactic to take out the medical ninja first saying he would do it like that because of her lineage, stating she couldn't delay their deaths anyway. Madara then proceeds to degrade Tsunade for being so much less than Hashirama and for being a weak woman, but the latter argues that she was not weak and that he shouldn't underestimate the Will of Fire. Believing the idea of this
Madara countered by Mei

Madara's fire is countered by Mei.

leading to his defeat to be ridiculous, Madara listens as Tsunade explains her rules for medical ninja and is surprised when she attacks him and manages to fracture his Susanoo's ribs. He tries to counter, but is repelled by Mei into a combined barrage by Tsunade and A, assisted by Onoki, that results in his Susanoo being broken and him repelled into the rocks bellow. Madara then commends Tsunade's strength, but reprimands her recklessness, as her death will leave the other Kage with no source of healing or recovery.

Madara goes on to question what Hashirama had left the current shinobi since they were so much weaker than he and Madara are, lamenting that he would taught him how to rise from the dead had he known and that all that was left of him was the power that Madara now held. Continuing to state that this was also the case with his brother,
Madara impales Tsunade

Madara impales Tsunade.

Izuna, 's eyes, Madara then tells Tsunade that all that can be passed down was hatred. He is then struck by a powerful punch from Tsunade that seems to allow Gaara the time to seal him, but Madara impales Tsunade from bellow, before emerging from a tree root and revealing that they had sealed only a wood clone, which Madara had switched with at some point. When Tsunade breaks his Susanoo's sword blade and throws it at him, Madara's Susanoo's ribs block it and he repells Tsunade into a cliff before seeing that the technique she had activated heals wounds without seals being needed, similar to Hashirama's. Madara then counters Onoki's Dust Release: Detachment of Primitive World Technique, saying he can absorb it and that he let himself get hit by it before to show the Kage Hashirama's face to lower their determination. After conversing with Mei and Tsunade, Madara creates twenty-five wood clones and surrounds the Kage with five each,
Madara creates twenty-five wood clones

Madara takes the advantage from the Kage.

asking them to think of it as an acknowledgement of their power(a retortment of Mei's statement seconds before) and asks the Kage if they want the clones to use Susanoo or not.Madara watches as the Kage are easily and progressively overpowered by the clones and their Susanoo and curses Onoki when the latter saves A from death and spurs the Kage on. Recognizing Onoki as the main problem to to be solved, Madara is partially destroyed by a combined assualt of all five Kage that destroys his clones as well. As he regenerates, Madara is attacked by Mei using Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet, which A had infused with lightning-natured chakra, and that also had Gaara's sand mixed in it. As the sand restrains him
Madara's full strength

Madara unleashes his perfect Susanoo.

and his body is numbed, Madara acknowledges the Kage's might and releases his final Susanoo, the perfect form of the technique, and overwhelms their efforts. He then declares that even their power was futile against this. Stabilizing his Susanoo, Madara tells the five Kage that only Hashirama could stop him and that Hashirama being dead was in their favor, as he draws one of his Susanoo's katanas and repels the five Kage, while also demolishing serveral mountains with just one swing, before finishing his sentence saying that if he was the only one they had to fight, the damage to the landscape wouldn't be as drastic.Declaring that he would now destroy the Kage and their efforts, Madara is surprised when his Susanoo suddenly disappears and he is engulfed in light. Realizing that Impure World Reincarnation was released, Madara attacks the Kage with his Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique, but Tsunade blocks it before her regeneration technique finally runs out. As Madara's soul appears to come out of his body, the battle seems over, but Tsunade is then surprised to see Madara's soul suddenly re-incase in his body before he attacks her with his Susanoo's sword. However, he is surprised himself when she is able to dodge and, after seeing that Tsunade's spirit had returned, Madara asks if she had received some chakra. He then explains that he had servered connection to Kabuto to escape the deactivation of the Impure
Madara severs his contract

Madara cancels his contract with Kabuto's technique.

World Reincarnation and states that its only risk is if someone revived by it knows the seal, they can release the summoning contract of the technique, which he then proceeds to do to allow him to remain in his revived condition with all of its benefits, such as unlimited chakra, an undying body, and immortality, and at the same time destroy the possibility of being controlled forever. Madara then criticizes Mei for not figuring out that he was not the kind of person to allow himself to be bound by such a technique as that after fighting him. Refusing to use his final Susanoo again as it would be disgraceful since anyone who had seen it was supposed to die, Madara laments that his enjoyment of the fight had been ruined now. Madara then decides to go after Naruto and get Kurama back, but is blocked from leaving by Onoki, which he finds unsightly. Reluctantly, Madara resumes his fight with the five Kage and defeats them, leaving them all critically wounded, with Tsunade even being bisected by a tree, before
Madara joins his apprentice

Madara joins Obito after defeating the Five Kage.

leaving to join Tobi in his battle against Naruto, Killer B, Kakashi Hatake, and Might Guy. Upon arriving, he proclaims that Tobi seemed to be having fun, much to the shock of Konoha ninja, who believed him to be fighting the Kage. Madara and Tobi then begin to casually converse and Madara tells Naruto that the Kage are simply not "ok" after he asks him what happened to them, before being given his gunbai from Tobi and blocking stakes thrown at them by Naruto. He then continues to converse with Tobi about his actions so far, about Nagato, about why he was revived in his present state, and about why he chose to revive the Ten-Tails in an incomplete form. Madara then declares that he will catch Killer B and Naruto and counters and repels Naruto when he attacks him using his gunbai to perform his Uchiha Return technique, telling Tobi to deal with Kakashi and Might Guy. As Naruto bursts out of a stones and declares he will not fall for Madara's tricks, Madara states that he had been tolerant of Naruto until that point because he was the real jinchuriki, but that now he would not hold back, and proceeds to create a giant wood dragon with his Wood Release: Wood Dragon technique, which he then states that Hashirama had used to bind Kurama in the past. Madara binds Naruto with the wood dragon and begin to absorb his chakra, before binding Might Guy and Killer B to preven them from interfering. Activating his Susanoo, Madara decides to "tighty up" the battlefield of all disturbances to his and Obito's plan and aims his Susanoo's swords at Killer B. Naruto, however, manages to counter with his Nine-Tails cloak chakra arms, and Madara is struck from behind by Might Guy, using his Daytime Tiger taijutsu move of the inner Eight Gates. After the Ten-Tails' revival is complete, Madara laments that he failed to add the Eight and Nine-Tails to it, but reluctantly accepts and prepares for the final phase of his plan. Jumping on top of the Ten-Tails' head with Obito, Madara retorts his apprentice's desire to want to start the Infinite Tsukuyomi right away, saying it would be wiser to get rid of their opposition first, as the ritual would take some time to start, and that their opponents would no doubt get in their way.

When Naruto appears to be preparing his Shadow Clone Technique again, Madara states that that would only multiply his incompetence, before stating that he and his friends were a disorderly group, and repeating
Madara and Obito faced by the Allied Shinobi Forces

Madara and Obito facing the remains of the shinobi alliance.

what he said about Naruto being incompetent. Afterwards, Madara and Obito are confronted by the entirety of what remain of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Madara chastises Naruto and Obito for arguing, saying they should finish the battle. As the forces, under Shikaku Nara's guidance, attack, hindering Madara and Obito's vision, as well as the Ten-tails', and trapping the Ten-Tails in concrete, Madara praises the collab attack as being perfect. When Naruto attacks them with a platoon of shinobi, Madara declares the effort a pitiful one. Recognizing that he and Obito were now being targeted instead of the Ten-Tails, Madara laments that attacking the enemies mind was the basics, but that to do that in his and Obito's case, the Ten-Tails would have to be stopped first, as it breeks free from its bonds in its mature state and repels Naruto and the others. Stating that it would soon get difficult to control the Ten-Tails, Madara instructs Obito to use Hashirama's cells to strenghthen their hold on the beast. Madara then asks Obito if he wants to see how powerful the Ten-Tails is in that state, to the latter's agreement, as he want to show the alliance despair. When an allied shinobi manages to throw the Ten-Tails off balance and cause its Tailed Beast Ball to be fired over a long distance, Madara contemplates that their control over the Ten-Tails must not be complete if it was staggering just from that, but states that their current control would do well enough until its next transformation. Responding to Obito's statement that they would need to become a jinchuriki to be able to fully control the Ten-Tails, Madara states that he needs a living body to be able to do so, not a sacrifice's.After some unexpected comments from Obito, Madara states that he has quite the attitude now, and tells obito to decide their next course of action himself after Obito states that he had never thought of Madara as an ally. After Obito kills Neji Hyuga and begins chastising Naruto about reality, Madara thinks to himself that Obito had become like he used to be and that Naruto would give in. Wondering if Obito was waiting for Naruto's response after Hinata Hyuga steps in, Madara laments that Obito seems to be very curious about it. As Obito begins to act hastily, Madara reprimands him. WHen Naruto activates his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and begins to disperse his power to his friends, Madara becomes surprised as he recognizes his actions and comments that Hinata got a good powerup from Naruto as she overpowers one of the Ten-Tails chakra arms. As the battle continues,
Madara and Obito severed from the Ten-Tails

Madara and Obito are separated from the Ten-Tails.

Madara laments on the predictability of the alliance's moves and predicts that Shikamaru would then use his Shadow Imitation Technique, as the latter does so and binds the Ten-Tails. As Naruto continues to distribute Kurama's chakra, Madara thinks to himself that two can play that game, as he creates more chakra arms for the Ten-Tails and attacks the alliance. However, the combined efforts of Killer B, Mifune, the samurai general, Gaara's sister, Temari, and the present Hyuga members overpower his attack, and Madara is soon after bisected by an enraged Rock Lee and forced to retreat from atop the Ten-Tails.

Teaming up with Obito to attack the alliance directly, Madara uses his Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction technique in conjunction with Obito's own immense fire attack, and follows up with his Yasaka Magatama technique. However, Naruto counters all of their attacks and they fail to kill or harm anyone. Halting his attacks, Madara senses the chakra signiture of Hashirama Senju, his rival, which causes him to give a malevolent grin of bloodlust. As the now uncontrollable Ten-Tails utilizes its Tenpenchii attack, Madara declares that the fun would now begin as he clads himself in his Susanoo to shield from the oncoming, immense power of the beast's attack. Feeling sure that some of the alliance must be dead, Madara sees that Naruto, at the cost of all his remaining power, has saved them all again. The chakra cloaks of the alliance shinobi quickly vanish and Madara states he will end it as quickly and painlessly as possible, as something else has peeked his interest. However, many of the alliance ninja stand between him and Naruto, and Sakura Haruno begins to heal him. As the Ten-Tails prepares a gigantic Tailed Beast Ball to attack the alliance, Madara, noting that it was not holding back, wonders if it was panicking after sensing Kurama inside Naruto, lamenting on the shame that all the shinobi present that he was to depend on for fun would be destroyed instantly. After the Ten-Tails attack was thwarted by Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and his rival and the other Hokage arrive, Madara declares to Hashirama that he had long awaited this day. When Hashirama tells him he will settle their unfinished business later(in regards to dealing with the Ten-Tails first), Madara laments that even after all the years Hashirama hadn't changed, stating he still had his knack for getting under his skin.

After Hashirama makes some progress and creates several wood clones, Madara is confronted by one of them, who announces that it will be his opponent. Madara, however, recognizes it is a clones and, taking a seat, refuses to do battle with it, saying he will wait for the original to get ready. After being forced to, Madara easily dispatches the wood clone, declaring it barely fodder as Hashirama was focusing most of his power on his main body. After he sees a defeated and mortally wounded Obito arrive back on the battlefield
Madara attempts to revive himself

Madara's first attempt at resurrection.

from his pocket dimension, Madara, lamenting that he wanted to fight Hashirama before becoming a jinchuriki, stabs Obito with his chakra receiver rods and takes control of his body to force him to use the Outer Path: Samsara of Heveanly Life Technique to revive him, so as to keep from losing the chance to host of the Ten-Tails, declaring that he could no longer use his apprentice. Reflecting on their first conversation, Madara states that the day on which he would collect the favor Obito owed him has come. As the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique begins to effect him, Madara notices Hashirama and Tobirama each create additional clones to attack him, noting that they are being cautious lest they fail to reach Obito in time. Stating that they should know clones would not be good enough to stop him, Madara counters Sasuke Uchiha's Amaterasu arrow with his chakra receiver rods, only to be ultimately thwarted by Minato Namikaze who, having branded Obito with the Flying Thunder God Technique's formula when he defeated him in the past, teleported a shadow clone to Obito which slashed hs chest open and ended the technique before it was complete. Disinterestingly lamenting on his failure, Madara is confronted by the six wood clones Hashirama created. After Obito uses the open window to become the Ten-Tails jinchuriki himself and outclasses the four Hokage, Madara stands, saying that while it would amuse him to watch the Hokage cower before Obito, he could not delay from using his trump card any longer, as Obito might be able to get ahead of him. As Hashirama attempts to intervene, Madara cuts him off, saying that his time was up, and the two give each other a death stare.

As their rematch begins, Madara is told by Hashirama to get out of his way, but he states that he has no time for this either as the two utilize their respective perfect Susanoo and Wood Release: Wood Human Technique, and Madara states that they should just entertain each other for a bit longer. As they continue fighting, Madara is told by Hashirama that they should put their battle on hold, as Obito was about to release an enormous attack, but he replies that they will both be fine due to being under the Impure World Reincarnation. As Hashirama tries to get through, Madara blocks him, saying he must first go through him to get to Obito. They were both later destroyed by Obito's attack. After reforming, Madara questions if Obito means to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi already, as the latter released the Ten-Tails in its final state. After the Ten-Tails, in its final form, the Shinju, begins attacking and stealing the chakra from everyone, Madara explains to Hashirama when he asks whats happening that its simply taking back what rightfully belongs to it, as man had first taken chakra from the Shinju. As Hashirama knew nothing of what hes talking about, Madara asks him if he even knows how shinobi first came to be, before going on to explain the history of the Kaguya Otsutsuki, the princess who first stole chakra from the Shinju and, attaining god-like power, used it to end all war and bore a son who himself contained chakra, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the man better known as the Sage of the Six Paths. Madara explains that Shinju became angry with Kaguya for stealing its power, thus bringing the Ten-Tails into existence, which Hagoromo defeated and sealed within himself to tame.

Questioned by Hashirama as to how he came to know all this, Madara explains that it was written on the stone tablet of the Uchiha. Explaining her error in trying to get the fruit to end war, Madara states that Kaguya's actions could be argued to have only made things worse. Stating that he fell into utter despair after learning this truth, Madara tells Hashirama that in this world, a "true dream" is just an illusion, stating that once man decided to consumed the Shinju's fruit, they became cursed to wander down the current path of endless tragedy, citing that shinobi now were simply reminders of the ignorance of the past. As Hashirama asks Madara if that "dreams of the future" statement of his was his use of the Infinite Tsukuyomi through the Shinju, to which Madara answers yes, explaining that as soon as the Shinju's flower bloomed, the eye within it would reflect on the moon and complete the Infinite Tsukuyomi, citing that he would be the one to have accomplished it. As they continue to clash, Hashirama questions Madara as to how long it will be until the Shinju blossoms. Telling him that as long as even trace amounts of Kurama and Gyuki's chakra were inside it, it would take roughly fifteen minutes, and that within that time, he would replace Obito by using Hashirama's Sage powers against him, afterwards attempting to stab Hashirama with a chakra receiver rod to steal some of his Sage power. Coninuing to battle Hashirama for a period, they are later found by Naruto, who prepares a giant Rasenshuriken while Hashirama restrains Madara to prevent him from countering it. Madara is not defeated, however, and Hashirama pins him down to await someone able to seal him, with Naruto arriving with Sai to do so. Before this can happen, Madara has Black Zetsu take control of the now defeated Obito and force him to revive him with the earlier technique, allowing him to destroy their efforts and break free, much to his delight.

After his undead eyes crumble out of his head, Madara is attack from behind by Sasuke using the Amaterasu, which he absorbs some of and removes his armor to keep from being hurt. He then knocks aside Naruto and Sai and grabs Hashirama by the throat, allowing him to absorb all his Sage chakra. Madara then evades a flurry of sword swings from Sasuke and halts the blade, before stating Sasuke eyes would do fine until he got his Rinnegan back. However, Madara also laments that killing him would be a waste and asks that they team up as the last living Uchiha. When Sasuke refuses, Madara repels Naruto and Sai, and confronts the tailed beasts, led by Gaara, declaring it was time to hunt them down as he absorbs Naruto's chakra from a shinobi. As he begins to attack, Madara is shot through by a barrage of sand bullets from Gaara and Shukaku, which he declares a fine jutsu, but not a finishing blow. He is then immobilized by Gaara using sand particles inside him, and beaten around by the tailed beasts, before the Six-Tails pins Madara down, allowing Gaara and Shukaku to seal him inside a giant sand pyramid. Madara, however, easily breaks out with his Susanoo, saying it was time to put a leash on them. Naruto then smashes him down from behind, with Killer B and the beasts then each smashing Madara with one tail, shattering his Susanoo and knocking his right arm off. Unfazed by any of his injuries, Madara is joined by a White Zetsu clone who had brought his right Rinnegan from nagato's corpse at his command. Severing its right arm and replacing his own with it, Madara puts his eye in, declaring the fun would really begin now.

After laughing maniacally over the pain he was in, Madara swipes some blood on his palm and summons the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path from within Obito, though its right arm is partially torn off by Kakashi Hatake in the process. Noting that someone on the other side had exceptional eyes from this, Madara declares it nothing he can't handle and that it was time to invite the beasts back into the statue. Noting that it would take longer than expect to get his left eye back, madara laments having to remind the White Zetsu clone of what he was capable off, before saying that having Hashirama's healing abilities allows him to ignore menial injuries. Saying he would try and be more alert, Madara leaps on top of the statue's head, telling the clone to enjoy the show. He then uses his Limbo: Border Jail technique to repel the tailed beasts and Naruto and B, saying they will be much more willing to go on their leashes now that they have been tamed some. Binding them all by the neck with the statue's chains, Madara states it was time to remove the Eight and Nine-Tails from within their jinchuriki. Though he starts to extract Kurama from within Naruto, Madara agrees with the clone that they should seal the other beasts in the meantime, deciding to start with Shukaku. When Gaara uses his sand to try to stop him, Madara boomerangs his Susanoo Sword at him, with Shukaku catching it cutting the chains on him by throwing it. Reclaiming control over the blade as he rebuilds them, Madara directs it at Gaara again, whose automatic defense completely protects him. As he drags in all the beasts, Madara finishes removing Kurama from within Naruto after he asks a favor of Gaara, then sealing all nine beasts within the statue.

Conversing with the Zetsu clone about how things were going on the other side, Madara dodges an attack from behind by Tobirama and disarms him, before evading him again and defeating him by driving chakra receiver rods through his pressure points, depriving him of his power and mobility. Discussing the Senju method of attack with him, Madara tells him there is a gap between his power and Tobirama and his brother's now, before throwing another rod into his head and declaring he'd waited for this for a long time since Tobirama killed his brother, Izuna. Talking over the nature of the Eye of the Moon Plan with his enemy, Tobirama agrees with him verbally on something, but spits needles at him to distract him from Sasuke attacking from above. Madara counters them both and stabs Sasuke through the chest with his own sword. Dispelling the statue as he lets Sasuke fall, Madara delcares that while his eyes are proof hes been looking forward to something, defeat by his hands was his final fate. Re-summoning the statue, Madara absorbs it into himself, becoming the Ten-Tails jinchuriki and, lamenting on the power of the Sage of Six Paths and declaring the only thing left to be claiming his left eye, Madara departs to go get it. Along the way, Madara notes his body has gotten a little heavy and spits out the two Treasure Tools of the Six Paths Obito used previously to revive the Ten-tails, which he declares useless. Later arriving on Black Zetsu's location, Madara tells him he'd taken too long, and decided to come himself. Informed that Black Zetsu had collected the other half of Kurama, Madara gratefully tells him to bring it and his left eye to him, only for Obito to stop him.

When his apprentice asks him what he is to him, Madara responds that he is him, going on to explain more of the history of the Sage of Six Paths and how he had shared his chakra with everyone in his time, hoping to unite humanity's hearts, and how it backfired when they only used it to seek more power. Explaining that he would realize his dream of a world without chakra through the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Madara attempts to get Obito to join his side, telling him he was still the saviour of the world. At his moment, Gaara, Kakashi, and Minato, the revived Fourth Hokage, attempt a perfectly-timed attack on Madara, which he effortlessly overwhelms in a few seconds, hacking off Minato's last arm and kicking it, with its Rasengan, and him into Kakashi's chest and Gaara, repelling the assault. As soon as Obito got up to him, Madara starts to take his hand, only for Obito to instead drive his hand into his chest. Angered at the betrayal, Madara asks Obito to join the corpses he left as the latter absorbs some of his Ten-tails chakra. Failing to reclaim his left eye thanks to Obito's Kamui, Madara tells him he'll never be able to rip the tailed beasts out of him and delcares his efforts too weak when he only manages to get a small amount of Shukaku and Gyuki's chakra. Attacking Obito faster than he could teleport, Madara mistakingly calculates that he and Kakashi may try to offensively get his former apprentice into the Kamui dimension, only for them to instead use the technique together as he attacks them, doubling its speed and getting him there that way. Afterwards, Might Guy arrives and saved Kakashi from the attack. Stating initially that more reinforcements would make no difference, Madara admits, when Guy opens seven of the inner Eight Gates, that he'll have underestimated him if he gets around to opening the 8th one.

When he attacks, Madara easily dodges all of his strikes and overwhelms his Daytime Tiger technique with one swing of his staff, which also beats Guy into the ground. When he tries to finish him off, Guy's student, Rock Lee, arrives and saves his life, leaving Madara's opponents in horror at his power. When Guy resorts to opening all eight gates to face him, Madara, realizing this, states that the blood vapor caused by it looks like dried, rotted autumn leaves falling in the sky, which Guy retorts before attacking him with his Evening Elephant move. Tunnelled deep into the ground by Guy's first attack, Madara deduces its nature being like an air cannon, noting he should avoid direct confrontation with it. Flying out of the hole, Madara tells Guy the least he can do since hes using all the gates is to indulge in a fight with him. Soon progressively overpowered by Guy's attacks, Madara attempts to guard him by gahtering a black chakra sphere around him, attacking Guy with several of his black chakra balls. However, they were countered by Minato, with Kakashi creating a hole in Madara's defense that allows Guy to land a powerful punch on him, sending him crashing along the ground. Having sustained only minor injuries, Madara declares he hasn't been this excited since Hashirama, asking Guy to entertain him for a bit longer. Continuing their finish to its finish, Madara is critically wounded by Guy's final attack, but laughs off the pain and tries to finish hil while regenerating, calling it his thanks for giving him so much entertainment. However, Naruto arrives and saves Guy in just enough time. Suprised to see Naruto has attained new powers, Madara, still weakened, is overpowered by Naruto, who launches a lava-made Rasenshuriken at him that ends up slice through the Shinju. However, Madara complies with the tree's request that he absorb it, allowing his power to be fully restored and increased even further. After Sasuke arrives to fight him with Naruto, Madara declares he has the powers they have newly attained together in one being and that this final fight will settle whether he or they are the stronger.

Launching a powerful, specially made Lightning Release technique from his hands, which they both counter with their new powers, Madara uses Storm Release to slice through Naruto's staff and uses his shadow version to repel him through his Limbo: Border Jail technique. Realizing that Sasuke can see it and that Naruto can sense it, Madara decides Sasuke's Rinnegan would be a perfect fit for him, only to be stabbed through the heart by the latter using his eye's ability, being completely unaffected by it. Lamenting how much better Sasuke would have been as an apprentice that Obito as he pulls out the sword, Madara acknowledges that he must accept that Sasuke and Naruto are no longer just kids, while lamenting he would soon have back both of his eyes. As his opponents attempt a powerful combo attack, Madara easily evades it by switching with his shadow version and swiftly flies to Kakashi, ripping out his Sharingan before he could react and putting it into his left socket. Though Sasuke catches up to him quickly, Madara allows him to bisect him and uses Kakashi's eye to teleport into the Kamui space, throwing his staff at Sakura Haruno when he sees her about to try to destroy his left eye. Though Obito sent her back outside in time, Madara drives his hand into Obito's chest and, feeling that the seal he'd placed on his heart to keep him from becoming the Ten-Tails jinchuriki and prevent him from committing suicide was gone, wonders how Obito had gotten rid of it. Lamenting the answer, Madara then reveals to obito that he was the one responsible for everything happening to his beloved Rin around the time of her death, not Kirigakure, and that even if Kakashi hadn't killed her the way he did, he was planning to have one of his puppet shinobi do it, all so he could make him his pawn. Telling Obito he'd picked him because of how he was, Madara, having already told him he'd done more than he ever had wanted, told his dying former apprentice that he would now take back his left eye, that being the only thing left from Obito that he needed.

Reclaiming and putting back in his left Rinnegan, Madara puts Kakashi's eye into Obito's left socket and has Black Zetsu take them both back outside, where Madara tells his enemies that if they die together that would be considered teamwork. Effortlessly overwhelming Sakura when she attacks him, madara, recognizing her healing ability was the same technique Tsunade had used previously, beat back her, Naruto, and Sasuke with his Limbo technique, which he uses to create four shadow versions of himself. Stating the show would now begin, Madara flies into the air and uses his Chibaku Tensei technique to produce many, massive spheres in the sky which he then allows to rain down on his enemies, giving Madara all the time he needs to fly close to the moon and begin activating the Infinite Tsukuyomi by removing his headband and reflecting the third eye on his forehead off the moon's surface. Casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi at last, Madara traps nearly the entire world(everyone but Team Seven, shielded by Sasuke's perfect form of Susanoo, and his Zetsu allies and the undead Hokage since they are all non-living entities) in the genjutsu and uses his God: Nativity of a World of Trees to bind his victims and tether them to the Shinju so it can reclaim its chakra from them. Landing after the light of the genjutsu fades, Madara declares he will kill Team Seven, who had been protected from the genjutsu by Sasuke's last Susanoo, as the savior of the world. Delcaring there was nothing they could do, that he had created Heaven from Hell, and that Naruto had no right to interfere with everyone's happiness, Madara is, to the shock of both himself and his enemies, betrayed by Black Zetsu, who runs his hand through his heart from behind. Told by his former ally that he had been wrong about everything he had just said and that it was Kaguya Otsutsuki's will, not his, that existed within him, Madara screams in agony as Black Zetsu starts to take over his body.

All the chakra from the Infinite Tsukuyomi's victims then pours into Madara, causing him to bloat until Black Zetsu fully merges with him and revives Kaguya in his immortal body, which transforms into her, despite Naruto and Sasuke's efforts to prevent this. After Kaguya is eventually sealed by Team Seven and her esssence, as well as the tailed beasts removed from him, a dying Madara's body is revealed. After Hashirama approaches him and they discuss their respective dreams, Madara dies in peace after his old rival tells him that he still considers them comrades unto the very end.


As a child, Madara was very competitve and impulsive, wishing to perfect everything he did. He was also very kind, attempting to comfort Hashirama Senju when they first met as children whenever he thought he hurt his feeling due to his being quick to anger when things annoyed him. As children, though they were rivals, Madara and Hashirama shared the same thoughts and beliefs about how to attain peace and that to do so, one must ally with their enemies. However, Madara felt a strong sense of loyalty to his clan and that, along with his love of his only remaining brother, led Madara to abandon their friendship and choose his family over it. As a man, Madara became very confident and prideful, but is not above praising his enemies and is willing to admit when someone is stronger than he is. He has shown to have a deep hatred of the Senju clan, particularly Hashirama, shown when he said he would kill Tsunade first out of the Kage just for being his granddaughter. Madara does, however, have great admiration for Hashirama as well, shown when he said he would have taught him to rise from the dead if he had known how weak modern shinobi would be compared to them. Madara is also an honest man and will admit when he is wrong, as he told Tsunade she wasn't weak at all after she showed her strength, having previously degraded her for being a weak woman. Madara was very competitive with his brother, Izuna, but also dearly loved him, to the point that Tobirama Senju stated that Madara's loss of him led him to choose the dark path he chose. Madara was also very serious as the leader of the Uchiha clan, and always wanted the best for them.

Madara had a sense of honor as, prior to and for a time after their betrayal of him, he wanted to protect the Uchiha clan, having promised his brother he would when he died. Despite his pride and confidence in his immense power, he is very cautious as he created a wood clone to take his place in his battle with the five Kage in order to lessen the chances that they would catch him off-guard at some point when they lost sight of him. Madara has also displayed withstraint, holding back his full strength when he doesn't need it as he told Onoki that the reason he went so easy on him when the latter was younger was because he didn't think an adult should fight seriously against a child. Madara also has great respect for honesty, willingly accepting the truce with the Senju when Hashirama convinced him he was truthful and even rekindling their friendship back to what it was.



Madara levels mountains with his perfect Susanoo.

Madara is an extraordinarily powerful shinobi, recognized as the second strongest of his time, second only to his rival, Hashirama Senju and was able to survive every battle he ever fought him. During their last battle, Madara was able to fight evenly against Hashirama for the entire battle, eventually forcing him to resort to a sneak attack from behind to defeat Madara. Madara was born with an extremely powerful chakra, even for an Uchiha, which Kurama claimed was far more sinister than its own, and was excessively massive in amount in life. Madara is the first to ever be able to subdue, control, and summon a tailed beast. Due to the manner of his revival and the experiments by Kabuto Yakushi, Madara was able to retain all the power he had amassed by his old age, while at the same time keeping the youthful appearance of his prime. After his revival, he
Madara Uchiha destroys six moutains while fighting Hashirama with Susanoo-clad Kurama

Madara destroys several mountains in his last fight with Hashirama.

proved to be so overwhelmingly powerful that he was able to overpower and nearly kill all five of the current Kage mutiple times, while holding back most of his power, and leave them in a state of awe and horror when he manifested his final form of Susanoo. Tsunade was so baffled by Madara's legendary prowess, that she questioned how her grandfather had really defeated such an opponent in the past when they, the five Kage together, couldn't do so in the present. This testament to Madara's incredible power was shown further when he managed to defeat all of the Kage in unison by himself. Madara has and is a master of all of his clan's kekkei genkai and also has the Rinnegan, being the only Uchiha to awaken it.
Madara Uchiha's Sharingan

Madara's Sharingan.

Madara is also very knowledgeable, as he knew the seal to release the summoning contract of Impure World Reincarnation and allow him access to all of its benefits(immortality, an undying body that will always heal, and unlimited chakra) and permanently remove the hindrances of the technique(destroying the possibility of ever being controlled by Kabuto). This is particularly noteble since neither Orochimaru, who completed the technique, or Kabuto knew this aspect of it. Madara is extremely smart and intelligent, and has proven to be a capable strategist and teacher.

Madara Uchiha's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Madara's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

With the Sharingan, which he mastered at a young age, Madara can see chakra, predict his opponents' movements, place enemies under paralyzing genjutsu at a glance, and copy most enemy techniques. With his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, which he gained from his brother at the time of his death, Madara can use his most powerful techniques; Amaterasu(undying black flames that form close to their target and that are nearly impossible to dodge), Tsukuyomi(a very powerful genjutsu with which he can paralyze and torture his enemies in their minds),
Madara Uchiha's incomplete Susanoo

Madara's Incomplete Susanoo.

and Susanoo(his strongest weapon and defence in one with which he can attack while being protected from all directions and whose complete form can level mountains and at the same time overpower, repel, and corner the five current Kage together with one sword swing). His genjutsu skill with the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is vast, able to catch A, the Fourth Raikage in a paralyzing genjutsu in an instant, despite his claim that the Sharingan was
Madara Uchiha's Rinnegan

Madara's Rinnegan.

useless against him and control Kurama while battling Hashirama without any extra effort. Notably, Madara's perfect form of Susanoo is tailed beast size, towering over even moutains, and the five current Kage were terrified upon witnessing it, which Madara stated that nobody before them had done and survived(except Hashirama). During his last battle with Hashirama, Madara displayed a unique use of his perfect Susanoo, shaping it into a suit of armor for Kurama to wear, which massively improved its defensive and offensive prowess, to the point of overwhelming Hashirama's initail, but extremely formidable Wood Release technique-simultaneously bisecting six mountains at the same time-quickly forcing Hashirama to used Sage Mode and go all out to be able to fight on par with him. Another testament to this is the fact that, with the combined efforts of Madara's perfect Susanoo sword and
Madara Uchiha's Tengai Shinsei

Madara pulls down a meteorite.

Kurama's Tailed Beast Ball, he was able to create the immense river and waterfall at the Valley of the End with one attack. With the Rinnegan, he can use the techniques of the Sage of the Six Paths, but has mostly displayed absorbing chakra. Madara can use his Rinnegan in conjunction with his Susanoo to pull meteorites down from the atmosphere and use them as weapons of mass destruction and was able to devastate most of Gaara's Fourth Division, as well as nearly kill Onoki with just a single use, causing Gaara to awe-struckenly questioned if he had the power of a god.

Madara Uchiha's Great Fire Annihilation technique

Madara's Fire Release.

Madara is a master of Fire Release nature transformation and can use enormous fire techniques that are difficult to counter and that are of such strength, they can incinerate large groups of shinobi or a large portion of a forest. After his last battle with Hashirama Senju, he gained his rival's Wood Release, as well as its make-up natures, Earth and Water Release. With this, Madara can use high-scale techniques that are on par with Hashirama's and that are difficult to dodge or counter. Madara can also hide within wood and create one
Madara Uchiha uses Wood Release

Madara's Wood Release.

or more wood clones to use in battle. Madara is also able to create a giant wooden dragon with his Wood Release: Wood Dragon technique, which Hashirama Senju had used to bind Kurama in their last encounter. This wood dragon was able to overwhelm Naruto's full transformation into Kurama using its ability to absorb chakra to reduce his chakra to a just a cloak. He defeated Tsunade via bisection with just one use of his Wood Release. Madara has also proven to be very skilled in Earth and Water Release, shown in his use of Wood Release to his level.

Madara battling the Fourth Division

Madara battling the Fourth Division.

In terms of physical prowess, Madara is a very proficient taijutsu user, having great strength and speed, and remarkable reflexes. He was able to repel a shinobi twice his size into an ocoming group of shinobi, knocking them all off their feet, with just one roundhouse kick. Madara was also able to easily dodge multiple close range attacks, including Gaara's high speed sand attacks, instantly and even guard himself against taijutsu attacks that are infused and enhanced with lightning-natured chakra using only his arms. In addition to this, Madara is also a highly proficient kenjutsu user, able to easily commandeer a sword if he is without one and cut down serveral
Madara Uchiha's dance-like kenjutsu

Madara's kenkutsu.

enemies before they react with great versatility and flexibility. Madara carried his trademark war fan with him for all of his life and was very skilled at using it. In the anime, Madara was able to use Wind Release through it to repel an entire platoon of shinobi and, after joining Tobi after defeating the five Kage and having his war fan returned to him, he showed to be able to absorb techniques and direct them back at their owners with it, even if the attack was a Tailed Beast Ball. He can also use it to create a chakra shield in an instant to block attacks. He also carried Kama with him when he last fought Hashirama and showed to be capable of using it with his gunbai as a double melee weapon.
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