Sasuke Uchiha is a main character in Naruto series. His role began as a protagonist, then became an antagonist for much of the series, and then was reverted back to its original role during the climax of the series. Sasuke is the younger brother of Itachi Uchiha, the youngest son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, and is currently one of last surviving members of the Uchiha clan. 


Sasuke was born into the Uchiha clan's main household in Konohagakure twelve years before the start of the series, as the youngest son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. Growing up, Sasuke was very close to his older brother, Itachi, but was also very competitive with him after joining the shinobi academy. Despite doing just as well as Itachi had done in the academy, Sasuke felt that their father only cared about Itachi, causing his mother to tell him that when they were alone, all Fugaku talked about was Sasuke. After the Uchiha clan started to plot a coup to take over Konohagakure, Itachi began to act strangely(not attending the clan's meetings, speeking out against the clan, and so forth), causing Sasuke to wonder what was going on with him(Sasuke was too young to take part in the coup, and therefore had no knowledge of it). At this point, Itachi had betrayed the clan, and was buying time for the Third Hokage to try to resolve the coup peacefully. At this time, his father began to focus more on Sasuke, teaching him the clan's signature technique, Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, which Sasuke mastered in a week, impressing his father. After the clan's coup could not be stopped otherwise, Itachi was ordered to wipe out the Uchiha, an order which he carried out, sparing only Sasuke when he got home late that night from training, which he did out of love of his younger brother and because of his innocence. Not wanting Sasuke to hate their clan, Itachi lied to Sasuke about why he did this deed, and told him he did it to test his power, and that he was sparing Sasuke for the unique potential he had to be an equal opponent for Itachi and because he wasn't worth killing at the time. Backing up his act with his Mangekyo Sharingan technique, Tsukuyomi, Itachi instructed Sasuke as to how you awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, causing Sasuke to awaken the Sharingan for the first time. As Itachi tried to leave, Sasuke chased after him, and knocked off his headband with a kunai, before passing out from Itachi's genjutsu. As he did, Sasuke saw Itachi start to cry, but when he woke up the next morning, Sasuke only remembered what Itachi wanted him to, and swore to kill Itachi and avenge their clan. Before Itachi left the village, he convinced the Third Hokage to watch over Sasuke, and threatened Danzo, one of the elders, who was going to kill Sasuke, that he would reveal all he knew of Konoha's secrets to enemy countries if he dared to harm Sasuke. During the massacre, Itachi was aided by Obito Uchiha, posing as Madara Uchiha, who Itachi ordered not to kill Sasuke, as part of their deal to kill the clan together in vengeance for what they had done to the latter in the past.


Sasuke made his debut in part 1 of the series, graduating from the shinobi academy, and becoming a Genin under Kakashi Hatake, with Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno as teammates. Becoming Team Seven, Sasuke and his comrades were sent on an escort mission to the Land of Waves, during which Sasuke and Kakashi held off and defeated a pair of Kirigakure Chunin missing-nin, and later ecountered their leader, Zabuza Momochi, who Sasuke and Naruto worked together against to free Kakashi when he got caught, allowing Kakashi to defeat Zabuza. Later arriving with Tazuna, their employer, at the bridge site he was to work on in the Land of Waves, Team Seven were confronted once again by Zabuza Momochi, this time with his apprentice, Haku, by his side. Kakashi and Zabuza engaged in a rematch, while Sasuke and Naruto engaged Haku. Trapped in Haku's Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, Sasuke was able to reawaken his clan's kekkei genkai, the Sharingan, and managed to follow Haku's extraordinarily fast movements, and nearly strike him several times with help from Naruto. When Naruto collapsed, Sasuke took a blow from Haku that seemingly killed him, but after Haku and Zabuza had both been slain, and all other threats to Tazuna eliminated, Sasuke came to, having only been in a death-like state, and Team Seven returned home.

Soon after returning home, Sasuke was nearly drawn into a fight with Kankuro, a Genin from Sunagakure, but Gaara, his younger brother, defused the situation. Intrigued by Gaara, as he left with his brother and their sister, Temari, Sasuke exchanged introductions with him. Later enrolled in the Chunin Exams after Kakashi approved, Sasuke used his Sharingan to pass the test of the first phase when he found cheating to be necessary, and fought with Naruto in the second phase against Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sannin and an S-rank missing-nin from Konohagakure in disguise as a Kusagakure Genin, being branded with the Cursed Seal of Heaven after being outmatched. Passing the second phase with aid from Kabuto Yakushi, Orochimaru's right-hand man, Sasuke defeated Yoroi Akado, a Otogakure Genin, in the preliminary fight rounds held after the second phase ended. Afterwards, Kakashi sealed his Cursed Seal, and Sasuke passed out. After waking up in the hospital, Sasuke met Kakashi in a canyon training ground and spent the month the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, gave the preliminary winners to come up with new tricks mastering taijutsu copied from Rock Lee, a fellow Konoha Genin Sasuke fought an unfinished fight with, and learning Kakashi's Chidori, a Lighting Release technique used for assassinations.

During the month, Gaara paid Sasuke a visit and told him that because they were alike, which Gaara could see from Sasuke's eyes, Sasuke would be his prey during their finals match, which had been decided already. Nearly arriving too late for his match with Gaara, Sasuke overwhelmed the jinchuriki with his mastery of strong fist, and wounded him with Chidori when he tried to cocoon himself with sand and transform into his tailed beast, Shukaku. When Orochimaru then began the destruction of Konohagakure, Sasuke tailed Gaara when his siblings fled with him, looking to eliminate his threat to Konohagakure. Defeating Temari, Sasuke caught up with Gaara, and left Kankuro to Shino Aburame when Temari left with Gaara. Catching up again, Sasuke was horrified when Gaara began his transformation into Shukaku, and the two continued their fight. Sasuke kept using Chidori against Gaara, but the latter regenerated any damage all the while and progressed his transformation. When Sasuke tapped into his Cursed Seal to be able to use Chidori again, he collapsed in pain and was nearly killed, luckily being saved Naruto, who arrived with Sakura as back up. Though not impressed with him much at first, as Sasuke watched Naruto's battle with Gaara progress, he was amazed with his increase in fighting skill, especially when he defeated Gaara.

After the assault to destroy Konohagakure was thwarted, Sasuke attended the funeral of the Third Hokage, and learned soon after that his brother, Itachi Uchiha, had returned and was after Naruto. Tracking down Naruto, Sasuke found his brother and tried to kill him in revenge for what he did to their clan, but was easily overpowered and defeated himself, being put into a coma by Itachi's Tsukuyomi, just as Kakashi had been. Saved by Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin, who drove away Itachi, and his partner, Kisame Hoshigaki, Sasuke was eventually awakened in the hospital by Tsunade, the final Sannin and the new Fifth Hokage. Desperate to prove stronger than Naruto, who he believed surpassed him, Sasuke challenged Naruto to a fight, which was interrupted by Kakashi. Later confronted by Orochimaru's bodyguards, the Sound Four, Sasuke agreeded to leave Konohagakure with them and join Orochimaru for the power he needed to kill Itachi. Knocking out Sakura as he left, Sasuke was put into a temporary death state to allow his Cursed Seal to progress into a level 2 state, and carried on in a coffin by the Sound Four.

After the process was finished, Sasuke broke out of the coffin in the second stage of his Cursed Seal of Heaven, which he regressed, and then started to head towards Orochimaru's hideout, closely followed by Naruto. After they reached the Valley of the End, Sasuke announced that he wanted no future within Konohagakure, but Naruto wouldn't let him leave. Sasuke repelled Naruto into the water and overwhelmed him at first, but after Naruto got serious, they cancelled each other out when they used their Rasengan and Chidori techniques against one another. Sasuke activated the first stage of his Cursed Seal, and managed to catch Naruto, but the latter prevented a fatal wound from occuring, Sasuke stabbing him through the shoulder instead. Sasuke was then overpowered by Naruto's transformation into his initial jinchuriki state, and thrown into a cliff. Deciding to severe the bond of brotherhood he had with Naruto to achieve greater strength, Sasuke managed to awaken the mature Sharingan, allowing him to overpower Naruto, and knock him unconscious. However, Naruto released the one-tailed cloak of Kurama, the Nine-Tails, Naruto's tailed beast, and Sasuke was reduced to only dodging capability, and was again overpowered and repelled into the cliff.

Realizing victory was impossible otherwise, Sasuke released the second stage of his Cursed Seal, drastically increasing his power. Naruto's next attack drove Sasuke into one of the statues at the Valley of the End, but Sasuke was able to block him, and then repelled him into the other statue. Sasuke charged his Chidori, infused with the black chakra of the Cursed Seal of Heaven, and Naruto formulated the Rasengan, infused with the chakra of Kurama, and the two lunged at each other, colliding their attacks. This resulted in the formation of a black sphere of chakra that expanded, wherein Sasuke stabbed Naruto in the chest with his claws when his chidori gave out, and Naruto scratch Sasuke's forehead protector when his Rasengan did the same. The sphere lightened and faded, showing Sasuke the victor of the battle, and Naruto laying unconscious at his feet. Leaving behind his headband, the extremely exhausted Sasuke departed, leaving Naruto alive to keep from doing as he thought Itachi wanted him to, and declaring that he would attain the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan his way, as he proceeded to Orochimaru's hideout, where he became the Sannin's apprentice.

Sasuke made his part 2 debut at Orochimaru's hideout, where he told Naruto, who was with Sakura Haruno, and two members of the Anbu, Sai and Yamato, that he didn't care if he had to give his body to Orochimaru to gain the power he needed to kill Itachi. Declaring that he let Naruto live before on a whim, Sasuke prepared to finish his former teammates, but was stopped by Orochimaru, who persuaded him that they could help in his revenge on Itachi by killing more Akatsuki members. Afterwards, Sasuke left with him and Kabuto. Later, at the time when Orochimaru was to switch into his body, Sasuke decided he wasn't worthy to have the Sharingan, and betrayed his massively weakened former master, since he had nothing more to teach him. Though he seemingly won the battle easily, Sasuke was paralyzed by Orochimaru's true form's poisonous blood, and he was brought into Orochimaru's subconscious for the body switching process regardless. Using his Sharingan and Cursed Seal of Heaven, Sasuke took control of the technique from Orochimaru, and used it to absorb the Sannin's consciousness and chakra.

Sasuke then put together a team of his own, comprised of Suigetsu Hozuki, a test subject of Orochimaru with the power to turn into water, and Karin, a sensory type, and Jugo, the source of Orochimaru's Cursed Seals, from the Northern and Southern Hideouts. Naming his team "Hebi", Sasuke ordered his teammates to spread and look for clues of his brother, Itachi. Searching on his own, Sasuke was confronted by Deidara, an S-rank missing-nin from Iwagakure and member of Akatsuki, like Itachi, and his partner, Obito Uchiha, posing under the name Tobi. With Deidara looking to kill him for taking out Orochimaru, Sasuke was forced into battle. Sasuke clashed equally with Deidara for most of the battle, managing to analyze and counter Deidara explosives, albeit at having one of his wings blown off and nearly being killed multiple times. Sasuke and Deidara both collapsed, and Deidara prepared his C0 technique, turning himself into a living bomb and detonating himself, producing a gargantuan explosion that obliterated everything within 10 kilometers. Sasuke was unable to fight back, and summoned Manda, Orochimaru's strongest summon, and used his Sharingan to make the great serpent protect him at the cost of Manda's life.

All of Sasuke's teammates saw Deidara's mighty explosion, and Suigetsu summoned Manda to his location to bring Sasuke out. Sasuke, covered with wounds, collapsed as the other members of Hebi arrived, and Sasuke openly downplayed his victory over Orochimaru, attributing it to the Sannin's condition at the time when Karin prompted him to do so. After resting and recovering from his wounds at a hotel, Sasuke led Hebi to a cave that Jugo learned Itachi was in. Dispatching Itachi's crow clone easily when he arrived, Sasuke learned Itachi would be waiting for him at the Uchiha Hideout. Leading Hebi that way, Sasuke proceeded alone when they encountered Kisame Hoshigaki, and confronted Itachi in the main room of the Uchiha Hideout. Clashing in a genjutsu fight with Itachi, Sasuke learned who his aid during the Uchiha Clan Massacre was, and, when he broke free from Itachi's Tsukuyomi, the genjutsu fight ended, and the ninjutsu and shurikenjutsu battle began, Sasuke managing to wound Itachi's left thigh.

Forcing Itachi outside, Sasuke's Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique was countered by Itachi's Amaterasu, which Sasuke dodged twice before getting hit. Using Orochimaru's substitution technique, Sasuke escaped from the black flames, and used their heat to compliment his Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique, with which he created a powerful thunderstorm by manipulating the atmospheric conditions and heating them up. Sasuke then used his trump card technique, Kirin, a Lightning Release technique, that obliterated the Uchiha Hideout and the mountain it stood on. Itachi survived using his Susanoo, the final technique of the Mangekyo Sharingan, and Sasuke angrily entered his Cursed Seal's second stage, but unsealed Orochimaru in doing so, allowing him to take presence in the battlefield through his Eight Branches Technique. Itachi removed and sealed Orochimaru with the Sword of Totsuka, leaving Sasuke tremendously weakened.

Disarmed of his sword by Susanoo and corned by Itachi, Sasuke watched in horror as Itachi seemed to reach for his eyes, but was intensely stunned when he instead poked Sasuke's forehead and collapsed dead. Shocked and exhausted, Sasuke smiled on the sight of his brother dead, and collapsed unconscious. Sasuke later awoke in a cave, in the care of Obito Uchiha, who revealed himself to be Itachi's partner in the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and who told Sasuke the truth about his brother's reason for the massacre; the Uchiha clan planned a coup to take over Konohagakure, and Itachi wiped them out because he was ordered to, and spared Sasuke out of love. Sasuke refused to believe him at first, but came to accept the truth when Obito prompted him to. Staring out at the sunset, Sasuke forgave his brother and cried for his loss while thinking over his memories of Itachi. Awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan as he opened his eyes, Sasuke renamed Hebi "Taka", and swore vegeance on the Konoha elders for using Itachi as they did.

Agreeing that Taka would work together with Akatsuki, Sasuke promised Obito to capture the Eight-Tails, in return for a tailed beast. Taka travelled to the Land of Lightning, where they confronted Killer B, the Eight-Tails jinchuriki. The capture attempt started off badly, as Killer B swiftly overpowered both Jugo and Suigetsu, prompting Sasuke to face B one-on-one in a fierce sword duel, managing to take back Suigetsu's sword. Impressed, B brought out all seven of his swords, and attacked Sasuke with his Seven Swords Dance, which his Sharingan failed to read, allowing B to overpower Sasuke. Sasuke tried to funnel lightning through his sword to gain an advantage, but B did the same and blocked him, before stabbing six swords into Sasuke's torso, critically wounding him. Sasuke was saved by his teammates, and healed by Karin, before he, Suigetsu, and Jugo, attacked Killer B as a group.

Though they were more successful at fighting him, Killer B still managed to elude Taka. When Karin located him, Jugo threw Sasuke towards B's position, but the latter released some of his tailed beast's chakra and created a cloak. Sasuke narrowly managed to dodge B's attack, as did the rest of Taka, and caught B in Tsukuyomi when he attacked again. Unfortunately, Gyuki, the Eight-Tails and B's partner, broke him out of the genjutsu, and B retaliated on the unaware Sasuke, blowing his chest open, again critically wounding him. While Sasuke was out, B fully transformed into Gyuki, leaving Taka outclassed. After Jugo used his Cursed Seal abilities to heal Sasuke, Suigetsu used a wave a water shaped like a demonic fish to hold B off, allowing the rest of Taka to flee. However, B used his Tailed Beast Ball to demolish most of the area, creating a giant lake and overwhelming Taka.

Fearing the deaths of himself and his teammates, Sasuke used Amaterasu on B, causing him to rampage in pain, and nearly crush Karin with one of his tentacles. Sasuke severed the tentacle, and B switched with it and left it behind in disguise as him. Sasuke did not notice this, and left with the decoy when he put out the black flames. Delivering "B" to Obito, Sasuke left to heal with the rest of Taka. After they had recovered from their battle with Killer B, Sasuke led Taka towards Konohagakure, but they were intercepted by Obito, who told them of their failure to capture Killer B, of Konohagakure's destruction by Pain, one of Obito's subordinates, of Danzo Shimura, the main elder behind the Uchiha Clan Massacre, becoming Hokage, and of the Five Kage Summit. Deciding to take revenge on Danzo first, Sasuke and Taka followed White Zetsu, Obito's partner, to the Land of Iron. They were betrayed upon arrival, and Sasuke killed many samurai, before A, the Fourth Raikage, believing his brother, Killer B, dead because of Sasuke, confronted Taka with his bodyguards.

Sasuke took evasive action against A at first, and faced him after he defeated Jugo. Sasuke was disarmed of his sword, but managed to stab through A's Lightning Release Armor with Chidori, causing a minor chest wound on the Raikage. As A used his Liger Bomb move, Sasuke managed to awaken Susanoo, and used it to survive, prompting A to fully activate his armor. Attempting to hit A with Amaterasu failed, and Sasuke bathed Susanoo's ribs in the black flames to deter attacks. However, A's growing rage caused him to ignore this, and he attacked Sasuke anyway, smashing through Susanoo and hitting Sasuke in the neck. Pinned down, Sasuke used his Blaze Release(an element Sasuke originated that allows him to manipulate Amaterasu's black flames) to form an Amaterasu shield in front of him and watched in horror as A attacked anyway.

To Sasuke's great shock and surprise, Gaara arrived and saved his life. Conversing with the Kazekage, Sasuke told Gaara that his goals only existed in darkness when the latter tried to convince him to turn from his corrupt ways, prompting Gaara to prepare to fight him. Sasuke tried to attack Gaara with Amaterasu, but the latter's Shield of Sand proved to be faster and stronger. Managing to advance his Susanoo when his opponents sent a collab attack at him, Sasuke caused a cave in, and saved Karin to be able to find Danzo, leaving Jugo and Suigetsu to fend for themselves. Arriving in the Kage conference room, Sasuke was attacked by Mifune, the samurai leader, allowing Danzo to escape, and was kept from leaving by Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage. Slammed through the wall by one of her bodyguards, Sasuke was trapped in an enclosed space with Mei. When Mei's Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique began to melt his Susanoo's ribs, Sasuke tried to strengthen it and collapsed from overexerting himself.

Before he could be killed, Sasuke was saved by White Zetsu, who transfered Mei's chakra to him, allowing Sasuke to break through the wall. No sooner than Sasuke collapsed through the opening was he confronted by Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage and Deidara's teacher, who trapped Sasuke in his Dust Release: Detachment of Primitive World Technique, and seemingly turned him into dust. After Gaara, A, and their bodyguards got back to the conference room, Obito appeared with an unconscious Sasuke over his shoulder, and sent him and Karin into his pocket dimension, where Sasuke was fully healed by Karin. Obito brought Sasuke out in front of Danzo, who showed Sasuke the ten Sharingan he had implanted into his right arm. Catching Danzo with his Susanoo, Sasuke asked him if what Obito said about Itachi was true, and Danzo confirmed it, causing Sasuke's hate to grow Susanoo.

Crushing Danzo in Susanoo's fist, Sasuke was shocked when he suddenly reappeared behind him, and crushing him again did no good, as Danzo only reappeared above him. Realizing Danzo was using Izanagi, a technique even the Uchiha forbade the use of, Sasuke decided to keep using Susanoo to pressure Danzo to shut down all his Sharingan. Sasuke hit Danzo with Amaterasu, but he reappeared and wounded Sasuke with Wind Release. Danzo caught Sasuke by the throat before being struck again, and Sasuke used Tsukuyomi on Danzo, which Danzo broke out of due to it being so weak compared to Itachi's, and Sasuke was paralyzed by a Cursed Seal Danzo had planted on him. Managing to break free when Danzo mocked Itachi, Sasuke's hate progressed his Susanoo to armored form, and he fired at Danzo with a bow and arrow, the latter blocking it with Wood Release.

Sasuke blocked Danzo's Wind Release attack, and was shocked when he summoned his enormous Baku summon, which paralyzed Susanoo with its suction ability, allowing Danzo to tear open Susanoo from behind. Sasuke thwarted the attack using Fire Release to end the Baku's suction, and punched Danzo away. Continuing to assault Danzo, Sasuke crushed him with Susanoo again, and threw three shuriken behind him, shutting down Danzo's last Sharingan. Sasuke then put Danzo under a short genjutsu to make him think the last eye was still open, and the two clashed, simultaneously impaling one another through the chest with chakra nature blades. Sasuke and Danzo both collapsed, and Karin healed Sasuke, allowing him to attack Danzo again with Chidori, but the latter took Karin hostage and revealed his eleventh Sharingan in his right eye.

Sasuke then impaled both Danzo and Karin close to the heart, considering her a burden. As Danzo fled, Sasuke and Obito cornered him at both sides, and Danzo, with his dying effort, used his Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique, which Sasuke and Obito narrowly dodged. Danzo now dead, Sasuke decided to go to Konohagakure, and Obito left. He was soon after found by Sakura Haruno, who was there to kill him. Sasuke tried to kill her, but was stopped by Kakashi Hatake, who he engaged in battle, using Susanoo's bow and arrow against him, which Kakashi used his own Mangekyo Sharingan technique, Kamui, to counter. Listening to Kakashi, Sasuke's hate progressed his Susanoo to completion, causing his eyesight to deteriorate instantly, to the point of a blurred haze from his overuse of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke sensed Sakura behind him, and tried to kill her with her own poisoned kunai, but was stopped by Naruto Uzumaki, reuniting Team Seven.

Managing to fight back Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto clashed their Rasengan and Chidori, and they conversed, before once again cancelling each other out. White Zetsu caught Sasuke, and Obito arrived quickly, and prepared to take Sasuke back with him, but Sasuke wanted to listen to what Naruto had to say, which was that if they fought again, they would both die. Refusing to die or lose, Sasuke told Obito they must talk as the latter teleported them away. Back at their hideout, Sasuke asked Obito to transplant Itachi's eyes into him. After spending days recovering from the surgery, Sasuke awakens the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and kills White Zetsu with his new Susanoo, before going outside. Later found by a pack of White Zetsu clones, which Sasuke dispatches, he encounters his brother, revived from the dead, much to his surprise. Chasing after Itachi, Sasuke learns Kabuto revived him with the Impure World Reincarnation. As Itachi tries to throw him off using crows so that he could stop the technique without worry of Sasuke's safety, Sasuke still follows him to Kabuto.

Initially mistaking Kabuto for Orochimaru, Sasuke recognizes him as he speaks, and joins his brother to fight him when the latter tries to convince him to join his side, telling Kabuto hes there to talk to Itachi. Sasuke and Itachi use their respective dojutsu and immense battle prowess together to try and defeat Kabuto, but the latter's mastery of Orochimaru's powers and Sage Mode, cobbled together with body modifications, which include integrated DNA of the deceased Sound Four members and their leader, allow Kabuto to overwhelm the brothers' combined efforts. Eventually, Itachi resorts to sacrificing one of his eyes to use the forbidden technique Izanami, the partner technique of Izanagi, on Kabuto, telling Sasuke to stay close. After the fight progresses a little more, Izanami takes effect on Kabuto, paralyzing his body, and trapping his mind in an infinite memory loop of replaying events of the fight. As Itachi moves to end the Impure World Reincarnation, saying it would vanquish the revived shinobi, Sasuke reacts with surprise, as that means Itachi will vanish too. Itachi states that he has no business in the world anymore and that he is happy being able to protect his village one last time, angering Sasuke, who states that he can never forgive the village for what they did to Itachi, and asks why Itachi was doing all this for them.

Itachi answers him saying that hes doing it to help Naruto's resolve to change Sasuke, which puzzles him. As Itachi ends Kabuto's technique, Sasuke tells him that he remembers his time with Itachi, and that because of that, in the same way Itachi always thrived to protect Konohagakure, Sasuke would thrive to destroy it, before wishing his brother farewell. As Itachi starts to feel the effect of being released, he approaches Sasuke, saying he would show him the full truth of the Uchiha Clan Massacre, stating what Obito and Danzo had said was true, as he places Sasuke into genjutsu with his remaining eye. Afterwards, Sasuke watches as Itachi puts their foreheads together, and tells him that no matter what choices he makes from then on, he will love him forever. After Itachi fades back into the afterlife, Sasuke stands wondering what a village was and what a shinobi was, but is soon found by his former teammates, Suigetsu and Jugo. Suigetsu gives Sasuke a scroll he found in one of Orochimaru's hideouts, the contents of which shocks Sasuke. Sasuke then announces that he will go find the human who knows everything, and realizes only Orochimaru can use the scroll.

Against Suigetsu's urges, Sasuke uses the Evil Releasing Method to merge Orochimaru's consciousness inside Anko Mitasashi's Cursed Seal of Heaven with a portion of Kabuto's altered flesh, allowing Sasuke to extract a snake from Anko that regurgitates Orochimaru in his original body. Conversing with his former master, Sasuke shows him the scroll that Suigetsu gave him, causing Orochimaru to question why he wants to meet the ones the scroll refers to. Sasuke answers Orochimaru, saying he wants to understand what the idea of revenge was to him, so he can confirm that his path of revenge was really his choice. Intrigued by Sasuke's answer, Orochimaru absorbs all of his chakra out of Kabuto and agrees to take Sasuke to a place he knows well to find the answers hes looking for. As they travel to and through Konohagakure, Sasuke tells Orochimaru to lead the way, sensing the incredible power of Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, which Orochimaru quietely speculates seemed to be annoying Sasuke more than anything. As they reach their destination, Sasuke asks Orochimaru if this was the place. Going inside the collapsing Uzumaki clan's mask temple behind Orochimaru, Sasuke asks which of the masks is the one needed. After Orochimaru collects it, they head back into the village and Sasuke jumps on top of a pole, where he notes that the village had changed quite a lot. Afterwards progressing to the Uchiha clan's then destroyed Nakano Shrine, Sasuke open a sealed door and inside, Orochimaru began his ritual.

After it begins, Sasuke reflects on Orochimaru's earlier instructions as to how to do this ritual and Orochimaru had Jugo force his Cursed Seal sage energy into Sasuke, forcing out six White Zetsu clones, four of which Orochimaru uses as sacrifices and one of which he takes for a new body. Afterwards, Sasuke looks on the previous four Hokage, who Orochimaru had revived with the Impure World Reincarnation after reacquiring his arms and who he states to be the ones that know everything. After Orochimaru states to the revived Hokage that he he brought them back to talk to him, Sasuke introduces himself and asks Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, why he had Itachi do what he did. Hiruzen explains that everything Danzo and Obito had told Sasuke was correct and that he had been protecting him after Itachi had left Konohagakure, saddening Sasuke. After some comments by Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, Sasuke asks him about the Uchiha clan and what he mean't when he said they were "a clan possessed by evil". Listening as the latter answers, Sasuke is surprised when he says that the Uchiha clan valued love more than any other and asks him what that means. Hearing his answer, Sasuke's curiousity is aroused as he listens to the Second carry on with his speech, which his older brother, Hashirama Senju, joins in on. After the two brothers start to argue(which they had done off and on since they had been revived), Sasuke silences them, activating his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and asks Hashirama what the village was and what a shinobi was in the first place. Informing Hashirama that he would make his decision about whether or not to take revenge on the village from his answer, Sasuke gets on guard as Tobirama prepares to attack him. After Hashirama makes his brother stand down and tells him that Itachi was a better shinobi than himself, he tells Sasuke that he will answer his questions to relieve him of his confusion and try to prevent another Madara Uchiha from emerging.

After Hashirama finishes telling Sasuke his story to answer his questions and aks if someone can elaborate on Orochimaru's earlier statement about Madara, Sasuke tells him off the Infinite Tsukuyomi, which would allow Madara to trap everything and everyone in a genjutsu and control them at a whim. Telling Hashirama that Itachi inherited his will more than anyone and that even he could not understand fully everything that Itachi went through for Konohagakure, Sasuke reflects on the irony of the former satement, to which Tobirama states that Itachi was not the only Uchiha like that, listing Kagami Uchiha as another example. Somewhat confused, Sasuke asks Tobirama if he hates the Uchiha, as was his impression, to which the latter denies and states that they were simply a clan that always caught his eye due to his watchfulness of threats to the village, but that in terms of commitment and loyalty, they were second to none. After Orochimaru asks him if he has reached a decision about whether or not to destroy the village, Sasuke reflects on what he has heard and everything Itachi had said to him, and states that he will enter the battlefield to try and save the village, refusing to allow what his brother lived and died for to be waisted. Heading outside, Sasuke is met by Karin, who he apologizes to for what he did to her. Arriving on the battlefield with Jugo after the Hokage, Sasuke greets Sakura, before all his old comrades confront him. Sasuke announces that he now intends to try and save the village and become Hokage, regardless of their unwillingness to let go of what he did, and that, seeing as how things were as they were by the previous Hokage's doing, he would now become Hokage to keep this from happening anymore. After Naruto announces that he will be Hokage, Sasuke and his old friend are addressed by Hashirama, who tells thme to mold their chkara to attack the Ten-Tails. Sakura joins Sasuke and Naruto to aid them when they go forward to follow Hashirama's command.

As Naruto states its time to go, Sasuke and Sakura agree with him, but before they can move, Hashirama halts them, as the Ten-Tails prepares another one of its gargantuan Tailed Beast Balls, which he and the other Hokage manage to counter, which impresses Sasuke to the point of admitting they certainly were just talk after all. After he creates some wood clones, Team Seven and the rest of the Konoha 11 advance on the offensive. After they enter the barrier via Hashirama's clones, the Ten-Tails splits of small clones of itself to battle them, which Sasuke and Naruto start to fight side-by-side against. Sakura soon reveals her own incredible power improvement by obliterating all of the clones, as well as a huge portion of the ground in two attacks, impressing Sasuke. When she is about to be attacked, Sasuke and Naruto save the off-guard Sakura from more clones, before joining her side, back-to-back, Sasuke telling Naruto to stay out of his way. Looking each othe rin the eye, Sasuke contemplates Naruto's power while in control of the Nine-Tails chakra. After the battle progresses some, Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura perform the Summoning Technique to combat the Ten-Tails larger clones, Sasuke summoning a giant snake named Aoda. Asked by the serpent as to how it could help, Sasuke tells Aoda to proceed straight ahead, and the snakes slithers through the entire army, adressing Sasuke as a powerful wall appears, which Sasuke slashes through with his Chidori-enhanced and extended chokuto. When another wall appears, Sasuke activates his armored Susanoo and uses its Amaterasu-composed sword to slash through it and a Ten-Tails clone. When they get close to the main body, Sasuke produces an arrow made of the Amaterasu's black flames and fires it at an angle that allows it to perfectly strike the Rasenshuriken thrown by Naruto, the two combined attacks setting the Ten-Tails ablaze.

Looking on, Sasuke tells the Ten-Tails to burn. When Naruto says to put out the flames after it weakened so they can rescue the Tailed Beasts from within it, Sasuke says that is unacceptable and to let it burn. Anouncing that he would change the current system and let a new one be born, Sasuke is shocked when the Ten-Tails disconnects the burning sections and separates itself from the black flames, an act which he then curses. After Obito Uchiha, Madara'a apprentice had arrived back on the battlefield and Madara had begun to force him to use the Samsara of Heveanly Life Technique to revive him, Sasuke and Naruto, on Hashirama command, began to attack Obito. Aoda managed to slither up the Ten-Tails partly, but was restrianed, and Sasuke dismissed him as he activated his Susanoo. Attempting to shoot Obito with an Amaterasu arrow, Sasuke was countered by Madara, who blocked it with chakra receiver rods. To his surprise, Minato teleports to and strike Obito down before he can arrive. Commending the speed of his attack, Sasuke declares that all that was left was to seal Madara and take care of the Ten-Tails. To his and Minato's shock, Obito begins talking and quickly the Ten-Tails breakes free. Sasuke and Minato are caught by Naruto, as Obito becomes the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails. Questioning the situation, Sauske listens to Naruto begin to make explainations, Sasuke asking him how he knows what hes saying(it happens that Naruto was partly mistaken if what he says as an answer), and laments the answer when its given. Visibly shocked at Obito's speed and power when he tears through Hashirama and Tobirama like paper, Sasuke tells Naruto to calm down and observe the situation after Tobirama initiates his Mutually Multiplicating Explosion Tags technique.

Later repeating himself when Naruto fusses following the Third Hokage's being struck down, Sasuke states the the Hokage are all under the Impure World Reincarnation and that since they won't die, they jumped into the fray to help analyze Obito's power, saying he should be doing the same. Later, after Obito tries to kill Naruto, Sasuke blocks the attack with his Susanoo, declaring that he, not Obito, would erase the past. To his shock, Obito then smashes through his Susanoo and grabs Sasuke by the forehead, doing the same to naruto, leaving them both at his mercy with only Minato on hand to save them. Naruto, thankfully, grabs both Sasuke and Minato with his chakra cloak arms and Minato teleports them away in time, causing Sasuke to reflect on his earlier staement about his teleportation technique. After Obito gains control over the Ten-Tails, takes on an appearence more similar to that of the Sage of the Six Paths, and taks off Minato's arm as the latter attempts to attack, Sasuke again tells Naruto not to lose focus, before they find that Obito has attached a mini Tailed Beast Ball to Minato that preprares to explode at close range of Sasuke and the others. However, a clone of Tobirama appears and grabs it, beofre teleporting to Obito, where it explodes. After the original arrives, Sasuke tries to use Amaterasu on Obito, but the latter easily blocks it. After Minato states that he'd create the opening, Sasuke returns that he would hande that, Naruto adding they both would. Charging with Naruto, Sasuke tells him that he will sync to his chakra output with his Sharingan, and the two create a collab attack, with Sasuke igniting Naruto's Rasenshuriken attack with Amaterasu's black flames. Shocked when Minato suddenly teleports in front of them, Sasuke and Naruto's attack strike Obito when Minato and Tobirama use the Instantaneous Swapping Flying Thunder God Technique to switch Minato and Obito's places. As they repel Obito back with their attack, Sasuke and Naruto smile on the success.

After Obito emerges from the black flames unhurt by the attack, Sasuke, as he and Naruto fall back to Minato and Tobirama's positions, states that Obito would be a tough nut to crack. After Naruto asks him if he can keep up as they were going to have to crank it up a knotch, Sasuke states he would not even give an answer. After Naruto successfully injures Obito with his Rasengan in Sage Mode with senjutsu chakra, Sasuke becomes shocked and questions what happened. After prepares an enormous attack involving four huge Tailed Beast balls, Sasuke asks Naruto what they will do next, to which the latter answers that he should let him concentrate. After Jugo comments that things were quickly going downhill and that Sasuke should use his Summoning Technique, he says he planned to do so, and to take Jugo and Naruto with him. After Naruto tells Sasuke and Jugo to come closer so he can give them chakra as he had everyone else, Sasuke asks if that will be enough to get them out of this mess. After Naruto and Minato managed to save everyone, Sasuke, remembering how Minato earlier said how his technique worked, questions how they did so, which Minato and Tobirama help Naruto to explain. After Naruto summons more of Kurama's chakra and leaps to attack, following Tobirama's statement about only Sage techniques being able to harm Obito, Sasuke contemplates that all Naruto's chakra really was waisted on him. After Witnessing Naruto's incredible chakra and effortless control over it combo with his father, Sasuke contemplates jealously on on far he has come. Later, after Obito releases the Ten-Tails in its final form, the Shinju, to start the Infinite Tsukuyomi and Orochimaru finally arrives, Sasuke activates his Susanoo and, asking Naruto if that was all he had, tells Jugo it was time to fight. Naruto, activating Kurama's chakra, then joins him.

When Naruto asks him if he knows that only senjutsu attacks worked on Obito, Sasuke answers that he was not slow on the uptakes, beofre fusing his Susanoo with Jugo's Cursed Seal, which was senjutsu chakra itself, and attacking Obito with Naruto, though their combined assaults were blocked by the latter completely. Continuing to try and hit Obito, Sasuke and Naruto were countered and overpowered by Obito, defusing their Susanoo and Nine-Tails transformation respectively. After hearing conversation between Obito and Naruto, Sasuke joins his side and tells him it was time for them to finish this, activating his Susanoo and merging it with Naruto's Nine-Tails form. Declaring this similar to what Madara did in the past, Sasuke agreed with Naruto's statement that they'd have to make the one shot they would get count. Naruto then formed giant Rasengans in all of his tails and called most of their classmates, as well as Sai, each of them landing on a tail and taking one. Though Obito prepared a strong shield and a sword he delared was invincible, their teammates destroy the shield and Naruto uses Sasuke's Susanoo sword to snap Obito's and hack right through him, dealing a seeming critical wound. As the tailed beasts, responding to their chakra from Naruto, then emerge and he begins to try and pull them out, after Gaara and Killer B begin to aid in pulling their out, Sasuke uses an arm of Susanoo to help as well, telling Naruto to just keep pulling, with them and the efforts of the rest of the alliance allowing them to pull all of the tailed beasts from Obito. Afterwards, Sasuke rushes in to finish off Obito, who was still alive, only for Kakashi to suddenly arrive, to Sasuke's surprise, who tells him they can talk later and that he be allowed to deal with obito, as a former friend of his. After Minato asks them to go aid Hashirama, as Madara still had to be sealed, Naruto calls to Sasuke to come with him as he leaves.

Arriving just after Madara had been fully resurrected by Obito, Sasuke attacks his now blinded ancestor with the Amaterasu, only for him to absorb some of it and remove his armor, rendering the attack futile. After he absorbs Hashirama's Sage power, Sasuke attacks Madara with a flurry of swift sowrd swings, declaring this was the ebst chance they'd get to kill him, only for his ancestor to easily evade them all and grab the blade. Though Madara says Sasuke eyes will do fine until he gets his own back, he also tells him killing him would be a waste and asks that they team up as the last of the Uchiha. Sasuke,however, refuses, saying all he wants is Madara's head. After this, madara easily repels Naruto and Sai, and obscures Sasuke's vision with Fire Release, allowing him to evade them all. Summoning his hawk, Sasuke is addressed by Hashirama, who offers to give him a technique to bind Madara in response to the senjutsu chakra the latter had stolen from him. Though Sasuke tells him he should do it and that he would only willingly remove the rods in his back, Hashirama states hes now unable to use his chakra and that Sasuke may be the only one able to stop Madara without force, as he was like Izuna Uchiha, Madara's brother. Whether he received the technique or not isn't known. Flying to where Madara is, with Tobirama having distracted his ancestor with needles, Sasuke tries to assault him from above, only for Madara to stop him in the air, causing Sasuke to drop his sword. Wondering what was happening, Sasuke was then stabbed through the chest by Madara with his own blade, critically wounding him.

After Madara let him fall, Sasuke struggled to stay conscious, refusing to die yet, but collapsed from his wound as Madara turned to walk away. Though he nearly dies, Kabuto Yakushi, having broken Itachi Izanami as a different person, arrived and saved his life, with Sasuke meeting Hagoromo Otsutsuki. the Sage of the Six Paths, in his inner spirit. Learning the history of the Sage and his family and that he was the one who his elder son, Indra's chakra had been reborn in, Sasuke answered him when the Sage asked what he'd seek when the war ended, afterwards allowing the Sage to give him some of his power. After he awakes physically, thanks to his newly acquired power, Sasuke is able to free Tobirama of the rods in his back, being teleported by him to Naruto's side, where he declares to Madara that hes ready for him now, sporting a new, Rinnegan eye endorsed by many tomoe. Using his new power to counter Madara's lightning attack, Sasuke is able to see his shadow version within the invisible world of Limbo as it repels Naruto. Using his eye's power, Sasuke manages to stab Madara through the heart with his sword, which has no effect at all on him. Taking control of the situation, being that Naruto can sense, but not see the shadow version of their opponent, Sasuke tells him to handle that one since attacks with the Hagoromo's chakra can hurt it, while he deals with the real one. Instructing Naruto to use an attack that can seal Madara's movements, they powerful combo attack fails completely when Madara switches with his shadow version and evades it, managing to fly to and rob Kakashi of his Sharingan, putting it into his left socket. Though Sasuke catches up too late, he manages to bisect Madara at the latter's allowance, which again doesn't even affect him, before his ancestor teleports into the Kamui space.

When Sakura randomly arrives back from there in front of him, Sasuke, puzzled, tells them not to let their guard down since Madara come emerge a any moment after hearing from her whats going on between Madara and Obito. When Naruto arrives on the scene, Sasuke tells him this, before not answering Kakashi question of what he mean't by wanting to become Hokage. As Madara seemed to start to arrive back, Sasuke stands to face him with Naruto and Sakura. Rushing to Sakura's rescue along with Naruto after Madara had easily overwhelmed her, all three werebeat back by Madara's Limbo technique, which he could now create four shadow versions of himself with instead of one since he had back both his Rinnegan. When Madara started to use create many massive spheres in the sky above, Sasuke told Naruto and Sakura not to be distracted by them as his shadow versions were still on the ground, with creating shadow clones to take care of them, while they tried to deal with the skyward threat with their respective perform form of Susanoo and Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken to no avail. After seeing that Madara had activated the Infinite Tsukuyomi, a stunned Sasuke, realizing the danger of it, flies to the ground and used his perfect form of Susanoo to shield himself and the rest of Team Seven from the genjutsu's light, being able to do so seemingly because of his Rinnegan and having the Sage's chakra. When Naruto tries to go the aid of those caught in the genjutsu, Sasuke stops him saying hes the only reason they hadn't been caught as well and that they needed to wait from the Shinju to reach them to make a move.

Telling Sakura and Kakashi that they could do nothing to help fight Madara now, Sasuke states that for the time being Madara's Infinite Tsukuyomi is in effect and everyone beside possibly them is caught in it. Deactivating his Susanoo as the light of the genjutsu fades, Sasuke states that likely the Rinnegan can dispel its effects on everyone and that Madara has four shadow versions of himself in every direction around that after their mighty opponent lands, them all being shock along with him to see Black Zetsu betray its master. As he, under Kaguya's direction, then forces Madara to absorb the chakra from the Infinite Tsukuyomi's victims, Sasuke, realizing this, moves with Naruto to try and strike Madara down before this can happen, but both are restrained by his chakra and witness Kaguya being revived in Madara's immortal body. Recognizing her, Sasuke contemplates that her chakra is on a whole other level that their's or even Madara's, and wonders how someone so powerful could even exist, before being overwhelmed easily and quickly by her overwhelming power as she alters the terrain and creates a river of lava beneath them. Summoning his Hawk and using it to catch himself and Naruto, Sasuke mocks the fact that Kakashi hadn't killed Obito earlier and tells Naruto them together are required to seal away Kaguya and that if either of them dies, she can never be stopped. Though Kaguya takes out the hawk's chakra points using her Byakugan, Naruto catches Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura before they can all fall(kakashi had previously saved himself and Sakura from falling with a kunai and scroll) and proceeds to battle Kaguya, Sasuke attempting to attack her from above with his perfect form of Susanoo after she easily overpowers Naruto. Easily overwhelmed himself by Kaguya, who destroys his Susanoo with great ease, Sasuke nearly dies as he falls towards the lava, teleporting to naruto and grabbing his leg, though losing his sword. Contemplating how they had gotten great powers from the Sage, Sasuke states they will have been meaningless if they don't seal Kaguya away.

Afterwards, she moves behind them through a space-time rift and hold them by their chins, paralyzing them as she begins crying. Black Zetsu emerges from her sleeves and, clinging to them to drain their chakra, tells them Kaguya sees her two sons images in them, before revealing to them the truth of the past; that he was responsible for everything that happened in the Uchiha and Senju's family lines, even rewriting the Uchiha Stone Monument the Sage wrote, as well revealing the truth about how the Ten-Tails came to be while claiming the Sage and his brother never knew any of this. Shocked, Sasuke was broken free by Naruto when Black Zetsu started to retract to Kaguya, them agreeing they had to seal Kaguya then and there. When naruto suggested using one of his perverted techniques to get Kaguya off-guard, Sasuke agreed to go along with it, but they nonetheless failed to seal Kaguya when she teleported all of them to another, icy demension, freezing Sasuke and Naruto in ice in the process. Sasuke broke them free with the black flames of the Amaterasu, but was then seperated from Naruto by Kaguya, who reach through another rift, grabbed his colar, and tossed him into another, desert demension. Trapped, Sasuke is later saved by Sakura and Obito working together, and thanks his teammate for doing so before being teleported back to the icy demension by Obito, where he ends up weighed down by Kaguya when she transports them all to a gravity-heavy demension. Barely dodging her fatal bone projectiles along with Naruto, before Obito saves them and Kakashi from the next two at the cost of his own life. Sasuke once again activated his perfect form of Susanoo after Kaguya transports them to the core demension, and tries to attack Kaguya after Naruto kncoked off her left arm, only for it to be overpowered and destroyed once again.

Later, he commented the Ten-Tails transformation that had been forced on Kaguya by the Tailed Beasts would make it a lot easier to seal her and later was shocked to see kakashi had gained both of obito's eyes and become able to use the perfect form of Susanoo himself, which he used to save Sakura's life. Working together with Naruto and Sakura after Kakashi loses control of his Susanoo, the trio manages to seal Kaguya at last, before Hagoromo's chakra incarnation arrives with the undead Hokage and many other previous Kage to bring them home, thanking them for saving the world. After they are brought back, along with a dying Madara, who Sasuke notices, he tries to attempt to finish him off, only for Hagoromo to stop him. Arguing that Madara deserved to die, the Sage pointed out he was bound to naturally from having the tailed beasts removed and that they should listen to Hashirama and Madara's last words as their ancestors, solemnly doing as told. After his ancestor dies and the Sage sends all the previous Kage back into the afterlife, Sasuke psychotically announces his intent to murder the Five Kage still stuck in the Infinite Tsukuyomi and uses his Rinnegan to take control over and trap the Tailed Beasts in the Chibaku Tensei, before preparing to face Naruto one more time.


Sasuke was, at first, very friendly to others as a child, but after Itachi massacred their clan and lied about why he did so, Sasuke became cold, lonely, aloof, and arrogant. Sasuke has always had a habit of underestimating his opponents, having rarely fought an enemy without underestimating their skill. Sasuke is, however, willing to admit to his mistakes on such things, as after his battles with Deidara and Killer B, Sasuke admitted the former was stronger than he thought, and that the latter had given Taka a much harder time than he expected. Sasuke also willingly and openly downplayed his victory over Orochimaru, and attributed it to the Sannin's massively weakened state. Despite his disrespect of Orochimaru as a person, Sasuke has great respect for his power, going so far as to reprimand Suigetsu, his teammate, when he felt the latter was underestimating Orochimaru's capabilities. Despite his arrogance, Sasuke is not above giving praise to enemies, as he commended Gaara for the strength and speed of his Absolute Defense, and admitted Kakashi was very skilled at using the Sharingan for a non-Uchiha. Sasuke is very vengeful, shown when he sought to kill his brother for several years when he believed the latter murdered their clan for nothing, and in his swearing vegeance on Konohagakure when he found out the truth about his brother. Sasuke deeply loves his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, and murdered Danzo Shimura, the elder who ordered Itachi to wipe out the Uchiha, for using his brother and mocking him, and was prepared to murder a group of Konohagakure shinobi for the same reason. Though Sasuke initially held on to the notions of friendship and sparing the innocent, as time passed after Itachi's death, Sasuke became more corrupt and ruthless, sacrificing his teammates to accomplish his goals, without showing any regret for his actions.

However, after his battle alongside his brother against Kabuto Yakushi, Sasuke became confused with Itachi's last words to him, causing him to wonder what shinobi were and what a village was. To learn the answers he wanted, Sasuke revived Orochimaru and had him revive the four previous Hokage, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Minato Namikaze, so that he could hears from the ones who knew everything. After hearing the story of Hashirama's past with Madara Uchiha and in the founding of Konohagakure, Sasuke reverted to his former personality and decided to save the village by entering the battlefield, refusing to allow what Itachi had lived and died for to be waisted. He even apologized to Karin, his teammate, for what he did to her when he fought Danzo.


Sasuke is an extremely powerful shinobi, despite his young age, and has always been a natural genius. In part 1, Sasuke's natural talent showed brightly when he was able hold off two Chunin level shinobi on his first major mission as a Genin, and when he was able to master strong fist taijutsu and high-level techniques like Chidori within a month during the Chunin Exams. He was able to hold his own against Orochimaru, one of the Sannin and a Kage-level shinobi, in their fight in part 1, despite losing the battle overall. He was able to defeat Naruto Uzumaki in their battle in the end of part 1, although the fight nearly stalemated. Sasuke was able to easily defeat his preliminary opponent, Yoroi Akado, during their match, despite being hindered.

In part 2, thanks to having been Orochimaru's apprentice, Sasuke developed much of his potential, becoming powerful enough to fight on par with several highly skilled and extremely powerful shinobi, such as his brother, Itachi, Deidara, Danzo, and Orochimaru himself, though he downplayed his victory over Orochimaru and attributed it to the Sannin's condition at the time of their confrontation. Though Itachi had predicted the outcome of their final battle, having been dying of disease beforehand, he praised Sasuke's increase in power, saying he would have been killed by Sasuke's Kirin if he hadn't used Susanoo. Sasuke was also able to clash equally with Deidara, an S-rank missing-nin and member of Akatsuki renowned for his abilities, analyze his explosive techniques, and survive their battle without any permenant damage. He was also able to fight equally against and defeat Danzo Shimura, a Kage-level opponent, despite the elder's repeated use of Izanagi, all the while controlling the pace of the fight himself, though fairly the fight would have been a stalemate if not for the fact that Karin, his teammate, healed Sasuke when he and Danzo impaled one another. Even when not fully healed from fighting Itachi, Sasuke was able to stand his ground against Killer B, Gyuki, the Eight-Tails' jinchuriki and an extraordinarily powerful shinobi, who praised Sasuke as the second strongest opponent he ever fought with, despite Sasuke's inability to defeat him. After awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke was able hold his own against A, the Fourth Raikage, and then Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage, one after the other, along with their bodyguards, all of whom were Jonin.

Sasuke had no ability with genjutsu during part 1, mostly focusing on ninjutsu, taijutsu, shurikenjutsu, and Sharingan. Sasuke first awakened the Sharingan when his older brother Itachi slaughtered their clan, and was able to easily track his movements with it and knock his headband off, despite having just been put through Itachi's genjutsu. He forgot he had awakened it, but later reawoke it during his fight with Haku, the apprentice of Zabuza, an S-rank missing-nin, and was able to track the latter's extraordinarily fast movements easily. He fought with Rock Lee in an unfinished match, and instantly copied his strong fist. Even when just a Genin, Sasuke was also already able to perform Fire Release nature transformation, which amazed his first master, Kakashi Hatake. Sasuke learned to use fire techniques when still just an academy student, and already had enough chakra to perform his clan's signature technique, Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. By the time he graduated, Sasuke was able to easily use several Fire Release techniques, such as Dragon Fire Technique and Pheonix Sage Fire Technique. Sasuke was able to master Kakashi's Chidori during the Chunin Exams, being limited to two uses a day with Sharingan, and he was able to pierce Gaara's Absolute Defense in their match with one use of the technique. By the time his battle with Naruto occured at the end of part 1, Sasuke had gained control over his Cursed Seal, and its level 2 form, but due to lacking full control over its power altogether, Sasuke wasn't able to maintain a transformation for very long. Using it, however, he was able to overcome and defeat Naruto, making use of the greater power, strength, speed, and wings he gained. His taijutsu prowess was great enough to pressure Kakashi in part 1, even though he had just graduated from the shinobi academy. His physical strength is great enough to allow him to lift and hold Naruto off the ground with a single hand, and repel him with one punch. After mastering strong fist, Sasuke was able to overwhelm Gaara, the jinchuriki of Shukaku, the One-Tailed beast, very easily during their match in the Chunin Exams finals.

By part 2, Sasuke had developed advanced skill with the Sharingan, able to see Kurama, the Nine-Tails, inside Naruto, and use his Sharingan to suppress the beast's chakra, which impressed it. He was also able to break out of Itachi's Tsukuyomi with no trouble. He had developed great genjutsu skill with it as well, able to fool Deidara with genjutsu during their battle, and control Manda, an enormous summon, without trouble and at a moments notice. He awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan after the death of his brother and learning the truth about him, and he was able to quickly adapt to the use of it, able to hold his own against Kage-level enemies not too long after, and save his teammates and himself from a jinchuriki like Killer B. His chakra prowess is so great, he can use several high-level, chakra-taxing techniques, such as all three of his Mangekyo Sharingan abilities, among others like Chidori, in rapid succession multiple times. Though his eyesight almost faded quickly do to reckless overuse of the Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke transplanted Itachi's eyes, awakening its eternal form, which made him much stronger. After meeting with the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, and receiving some of his power, Sasuke awakened a unique Rinnegan in his left eye, with which he appears to be able to control time and space in a limited area. He also gained the ability to use the Sage's chakra in his own techniques, with these new abilities together allowing Sasuke to fight equally against Madara Uchiha as the Ten-Tails jinchuriki when fighting alongside Naruto Uzumaki, who had also received power from the Sage. He had put a great deal of development into his mastery of Lightning Release, adapting multiple techniques, such as Chidori Senbon and Chidori Sharp Spear, which Sasuke can use as a sword if he should be disarmed. Sasuke's strongest original technique is Kirin, a Lightning Release technique Sasuke created to kill Itachi, with which he uses the full power of real lightning. The technique was so powerful, that it obliterated both the Uchiha Hideout and the mountain it stood on, as well as broke Itachi's Susanoo technique with a single use. Sasuke received the ability to summon snakes from Orochimaru, and has his own personal summon amoung them, a giant snake equal in size to that of Orochimaru's Manda named Aoda. On his own, though at an unknown time, Sasuke attained the summoning contract for hawks, allowing him to summon a personal summon from among them as well, a hawk quite large that he can ride on.

His skill with the Cursed Seal had improved in part 2, to the point of being able to access its power without fully activating it, and maintain being in his level 2 form indefinitely. While he originally started out with two wings in this form, during his battle with Deidara, one of Sasuke's wings was blown off, and the other was incinerated by Itachi's Amaterasu during their battle, with him losing the Cursed Seal altogether after this fight. His taijutsu improved greatly under Orochimaru's tutelage, having much greater strength, speed great enough to move short distances instantly via Body Flicker Technique, and stamina great enough to hold his own in a taijutsu fight against Kakashi after having massively overused Susanoo when battling Danzo Shimura. Also thanks to Orochimaru, Sasuke developed immunity to most forms of poison, the only exception being Orochimaru's true form's poisonous blood. He also has tremendous endurance, able to take a direct impaling through the chest from Danzo, without immediately collapsing from his wound, also showing great determination, having allowed Danzo to do this to him in order so that he could do the same to the elder. Under Orochimaru, Sasuke became an expert swordsman, always carrying a chokuto that has become an important element in his fighting style. He was able to easily kill several samurai, who were particularly skilled in kenjutsu themselves. Mifune, the samurai leader and a master swordsmen, complimented Sasuke on his sword skills. Sasuke can funnel lightning through his sword and increase its cutting power at will. He can also extend a lightning blade from the sword to slash through targets larger or farther off, as shown during his fight against the Ten-Tails.

In terms of intelligence, Sasuke has always been a natural genius in the art of shinobi, able to learn every area with natural ease. After becoming a Genin and reawakening his Sharingan, he was able to perfectly analyze Rock Lee's taijutsu and copy it for his own use, which he twisted around into his own original taijutsu technique, the Lion Combo, at a moments notice and defeated Yoroi Akado during their match. In only a month, he was able to completely master strong fist and Chidori under Kakashi's guidance. By part 2, Sasuke had been able to develope his mastery of Lightning Release to the point of creating several new techniques by himself. One of them, Kirin, Sasuke managed to create by utilizing weather manipulation to create an artificial weather condition in the form of a powerful thunderstorm through his mastery of Fire Release. During his battle with Danzo, Sasuke managed to use Danzo's wind mastery against him, using Fire Release to end his Baku's suction power, which Danzo had used to compliment his Wind Release to rip open Sasuke's Susanoo. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, working together with Naruto, the two combined their Susanoo's Amaterasu arrow and Rasenshuriken to attack the Ten-Tails, a combination that worked perfectly and impressed even Tobirama Senju.

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