Tangrowth is a 6-foot-tall Pokémon with a black body wrapped in blue vines. Its stubby black feet are tipped with red. Tangrowth has grown a pair of blue arms that have three fingers that are tipped with red. Tangrowth's arms are boneless and are unable to respond to pain, meaning that the arms can break off and Tangrowth wouldn't mind if the situation actually did occur. If one of Tangrowth's arms is cut off it will grow back. A pair of saucer-like eyes peek out from beneath the tangled mess of vines.===

Gender differencesEdit

A female Tangrowth's fingers are completely red while a male's fingers only have red tips.

Special abilitiesEdit

Much like Tangela, Tangrowth can ensnare and entangle its foes with its vines. Tangrowth can also launch powders that stun or poison the foe. Tangrowth has also been found with the special ability Leaf Guard, which prevents status problems in sunny weather. Tangrowth is capable of swinging from branches in a somewhat ape-like manner with speed and agility, making it able to potentially dodge enemy attacks.


Tangrowth are quite unintelligent and slow, but also very friendly.


Tangrowth live in or near jungles with its pre-evolution Tangela and other Grass-types.


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Tangrowth ensnares prey by extending arms made of vines.

In the animeEdit

[1]Tangrowth in the anime Tangrowth had a minor appearance in The Rise of Darkrai.

Tangrowth made its debut anime appearance in Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!.