Tayuya was a member of Orochimaru's Sound Four bodyguards, who were led as the Sound Five by Kimimaro once.

Background Edit

Like most of the Sound Four, little is known of Tayuya's background, other than that she was chosen to be one of Orochimaru's bodyguards by him personally. She and the other Sound Four were defeated by Kimimaro, who forced them to accept him as their new leader, causing Tayuya to develope a healthy sense of fear towards him.

Naruto Edit

Tayuya made her debut, alongside her fellow Sound Four members, at the finals battle arena of the Chunnin Exams in Konohagakure. They created a barrier for their master, Orochimaru, to fight Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, within, erecting another to protect themselves from the latter. After Hiruzen crippled Orochimaru's arms, Tayuya and her teammates released their barriers and took Orochimaru back to his hideout. After he failed to get his arms repaired by his friend, Tsunade, Orochimaru sent Tayuya and the others to bring back Sasuke Uchiha of Konohagakure for him to switch into his body, which they succeeded in doing by convincing him of great power from their master to kill his brother, Itachi Uchiha. After Sakon gave him a pill to help his Cursed Seal of Heaven advance, Tayuya and her comrades sealed him inside a coffin to prevent him from dying. Later, they encountered Genma and Raido of Konohagakure, who they defeated with aide of their Cursed Seals. While resting, they were found by the Sasuke Retrieval Squad, who Jirobo captured and agreed to kill. Later, however, Shikamaru Nara, followed by all nut one of his men, caught up to them and Tayuya began to insult him as Jirobo, but quickly recognized him as an imposter, along with the others, due to his different manner. Tayuya and Sakon went on ahead, leaving Kidomaru to deal with the Konoha shinobi. Later, however, once again they were caught up to by Shikamaru and most of his men, of which one, Naruto Uzumaki, took Sasuke's coffin. In their chase to get it back, Tayuya and Sakon were separated by an explosion, after which Tayuya became terrified to see her former leader, Kimimaro, arrived out of nowhere. He threatened to kill her unless she dealt with the Konoha shinobi, but she was outsmarted by Shikamaru, and Naruto followed Kimimaro. Hello People

Engaging Shikamaru, Tayuya managed to fight him evenly, summoning her Doki summons to fight him with by controlling them with her flute activating the first stage of her Cursed Seal. Gaining the upper hand against her opponent, Tayuya forced Shikamaru into hiding. After he had planned a strategy, involving nine moves, Tayuya continued to counter him with her Doki, with him examining her finger positions and how the Doki reacted to the sounds played, allowing Shikamaru to eventually take control over them. De-summoning them, Tayuya found herself caught in Shikamaru's shadow technique herself, forcing her to activate the second stage of her Cursed Seal, transforming and greatly enhancing her power. Managing to resist even Shikamaru's Shadow-Neck Binding Technique, which nearly choked her to death. Trapping Shikamaru in a genjutsu, Tayuya nearly cut his throat, only to be caught in his shadow again after he broke his finger to free himself. Again Shikamaru tried to strangle her with his technique, which was stronger at close range, though the brute strength of Tayuya's new form allowed her to eventually overpower him again. Before she could kill him, Tayuya was countered by Temari of Sunagakure, there to aide Shikamaru, who blew her away. Attempting to attack Temari, Tayuya was countered and forced to fall back. However, before she could try again, Temari unleashed her Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance, which sliced through much of the forest and, after reaching her, slashed Tayuya several times, and afterwards, several sliced tree trunk parts fell on Tayuya, crushing her middle and lower half and killing her.

In part 2, in the anime, Tayuya was revived, alonside her fellow Sound Four, by Kabuto Yakushi to buy time for Mu summon Madara Uchiha. Confronting Shikamaru again, Tayuya was defeated, despite her enhanced powers, and she activated the Space-Time Technique Formula: Underground Turnover with her teammates to transport themselves and the original opponents of their last battle to another location. Joining the other Sound Four, Tayuya battled the Konohagakure shinobi, switching opponents to keep Shikamaru from figuring a counter. Tayuya revealed that even if they were defeated, the Konoha shinobi would not be freed. Using the hate they felt for they enemies, Tayuya and her comrades managed to overwhelm their adversaries, prompting Shikamaru to devise fueling that hate to attract Naruto. This was sccessful, and they were freed, causing the Sound Four to move to kill him instead, but Tayuya and the other were defeated and their souls were sent back into the afterlife.

Personality Edit

Tayuya was the most foul-mouthed member of the Sound Four, even towards towards her allies, most especially Jirobo, who she frequently called "fatso". However, she seemed to be willing to cooperate with her teammates most of the time without a real hitch. After being defeated by him, Tayuya became terrified of Kimimaro, as the mere sight of him made her become afraid during her last mission. Like all the Sound Five(it was called this when led by Kimimaro), Tayuya was very arrogant towards her opponents, showing superiority to even Kakashi Hatake, showing great overconfidence in her battle against Shikamaru Nara, and frequently reffering to her enemies as trash. Tayuya considered herself inferior only to Sakon and Orochimaru. However, she would praise smart opponents and seemed to have her own perceiption of morality.

Abilities Edit

Tayuya was a very powerful kunoichi, easily Jonin-level, strong enough for Orochimaru to pick her to be one of his elite bodyguards. Along with her teammates, they were all very skilled in sealing techniques. Tayuya was able to, with aide from her her comrades, defeat Genma and Raido, two very powerful Jonin of Konohagakure, and she was also able to fight evenly against Shikamaru Nara, nearly rivaling the remarkable shinobi's intellect and killing him, only being countered and defeated by Temari, the sister of her village's current Kazekage. Tayuya considered herself the second strongest member of the Sound Four, only to Sakon and Ukon, and her strength was valued enough by Kabuto Yakushi to revive her as a military weapon in the Fourth Shinobi World War in the anime.

Like all of Orochimaru's strongest followers(besides Kabuto), Tayuya was branded a Cursed Seal, which tremendously enhanced her power in its stages. In stage one, her chakra would strength considerably, which aided her ability to use her flute, the only weapon she had, to play musical genjutsu to trap her opponents. Her musical genjutsu had a wide range, enough that she could use it against enemies without being anywhere close to them. Tayuya also had access to a rather unique summoning contract, which allowed her to call on three giant, ore-like creatures called the Doki, which she could also control with her flute and use against enemies, either by directing them to attack physically, or by having them generate chakra-made worms that devoured other chakra. Despite Tayuya's skill with her flute, she lacked any close-range combat skills in life, which she correct in the anime after her revival, but even ten was not particularly skilled with in anything but mid-to-long range combat. In her Cursed Seal's second stage, Tayuya would undergo a monsterous tranformation, gaining a tremendous boost in strength, stamina, and durability, to the point of overwhelming of Shikamaru's various shadow-related techniques.

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